Why Is It Important To Work To Delete Cyberbullying Essay

Why is it important to delete cyber bullying? Cyber bullying according to Wisped Is defined as the use of Information Technology (Computers, cell phones, etc. ), to harm or harass other people In a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner. Cyber bullying has been a very sensitive topic In recent years due to the pain and embarrassment It causes for the Individuals on the receiving end. I believe that in order to delete this behavior there has to be accountability to the person(s) doing it, tougher laws for someone who commits this CT, and prevention.

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There once was a time before computers that people were able to go anywhere and do anything and no one would bother them. As a teenager, you could go to school and even if you were bullied, you knew that when you went home, that you would be safe and no one could touch you there.

In the technology drive society we live In today, that Is seldom the case. Even though no one Is physically coming Into your home they do by the way of social media. If someone Is using Information technology o deliberately harass or harm people then the authoresses should be made aware and take action.

Everyone has a right to their own pollen, but not at the expense of hurting another person or group. Instead of saying “kids will be kids” , or “sticks and stones… ” If a parent finds out that their loved one is engaged in this activity, they should speak up and let their loved one know that these kinds of activities will not be tolerated.

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There should be laws in place so that someone who commits these acts ill know that it’s not okay to hurt someone in this manner, and that cyber bullying is serious and will not be taken lightly. The laws should be firm.

Cyber bullying is not like telling a story or writing a book. It’s not about free speech. It’s about being fair to everyone. Individuals who commit these acts should receive fines, or maybe even some kind of detention or Jail time for these types of offenses depending on the severity. No one needs to be shamed or even losing their life to be the end of someone’s taunting or “Joking”. I think that prevention is the key. Training classes such as sensitivity, or anger management would be necessary to assist anyone to be more tolerant and open to other people and groups.

If the person(s) engaged in this type of activity are at their home, then parents/guardians, or any family members that knows or suspects something is wrong, should acknowledge and talk to the family member that is involved. Talking about cyber bullying early and often so it’s not Just one of those things you see on the news that happens to other people. If you see something on social media posted by a friend or loved one on either side of the offense, telling someone Immediately.

Be Involved In any capacity to what your family members and friends are doing, making sure that you actually pay attention to what Is being said and how It’s being said Is paramount. Not saying anything after all Is not the answer, silence is acceptance, and I think that cyber bullying is unacceptable. We have been ourselves and our society to address the issues that affect not Just a few of us, but all of us. In order for all mankind to survive, we have to be kind to man.

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Why Is It Important To Work To Delete Cyberbullying Essay
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