An Opinion on Why College Football Athletes Should Be Financially Compensated

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Isn’t it the dream to get paid for doing something you actually enjoy doing? Well what if you could also be getting your education while doing so. College football is like a pre-career to some but without the pay Which I believe is unfair. I believe that college football players should get paid for their hard work also because they dedicate so much time to this sport which is their job without the pay, it would make the sport more equally among the players for their efforts and dedication, and because the football program brings in large amounts of money to the schools that could be distributed among the players College football athletes spend a minimum of 43.

3 hours per week dedicated to the sport, which is equal to a full time job according to “ListLand’K This doesn‘t include all their classes they have to pass to continue playing the sport and being on the team. Some players have jobs to pay for all their expenses for schooling which takes up a lot of their time.

If the players were to be paid not only would it allow them to have more time to themselves for school relating things but also it would have them not constantly worry how they’re gonna have to pay for the things they need, It would also allow the athletes to make money for basically working for the school, If the athletes were being paid for their athletic performance punishment would have more meaning, So when the players do get punishment it would be more of a deal to them because they wouldn‘t be getting any income.

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Any punishment only hurts the program and the players who are more dedicated to the sport. If players were paid, there would be more direct consequences to any selfish behavior. It would be better to educate players in college about how unacceptable behavior can lead to a loss in income in their future, according to the sportster.

And it will raise the athletic performance due to the new competitiveness in the sport, being the new pay each would receive accommodating along with their level of performance in the weeks practice and each game played. The football program brings in money to the school so why shouldn’t they get some of that profit. They bring in money from the tickets sold, donations boosters make, the media’s rights, etc which comes to a rounded estimate of $100,000,000 per game, according to espn. Yes they have expenses to pay as well but that doesn’t compare to how much the individuals put into the sport itself, I mean would you go to work if you were not even getting paid? Athletic scholarships are their compensation and a fair one at that. Essentially they receive a free education and in return they represent the school in a certain sport. College athletes don’t have to worry about student loans, paying for textbooks, the cost of on-campus living, and meal plans. Defending the objection of athletic scholarships are their compensation is untrue. According to the NCAA, “Very few, in fact [earn athletic scholarships].

About 2 percent of high school athletes are awarded some form of athletics scholarship to compete in college” Meaning that there is very slim chances for those athletes to get a full payed college life ride, Comparing to academic scholarships, Finaidorg reports “that for 4 year college students 8.3% of students received private scholarships worth $2,796 on average in 2007-08”, With that said those athletes still have the financial loans if not more than ones with academic scholarships. But if those athletic students were to get paid they would have help with college as the students with academic scholarships. My claim on the following issue is supported because the football program brings in large amounts of money to the schools so why should they not get part of that money when they put so much effort put into the sport. College football is like a full time job for how much time they put into the sport each week It teaches discipline that‘s needed for when they leave college into the real world In conclusion I believe that college football players should get paid for all their hard work, dedication, and time put into their school and the sport.

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