Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Sports have taken some part of everyone’s life, Usually starting in elementary school and some ending in the professional and college leagues. The question is: Should college athletes be paid? If you look from the player’s perspective, The NCAA is making 10.8 billion in revenue off of all of the hard work the student athlete’s been putting in since probably the beginning of high school. On the NCAA’s side, money could pull away the education away from the players and take away the principles the company sets through the schools across America.

From research and data I have found I believe that college athletes should not be paid.

In 1905, In the early beginning of collegiate football, 18 amateurs died and could have been prevented with more regulated rules and safety requirements. The rules were unregulated heavily at the time with teams using tactics such as the “the flying wedge “ or “gang tackles” facilitating serious head injuries and skeletal problems (1 Lerner).

President Theodore Roosevelt was shocked with this , being a avid football watcher he assembled 13 people to put more work on the safety and regulations on the game. This was the start of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The corporation was created to “protect young individuals from dangerous and exploitive activities” (NCAA 1). The company held its first track and field championships at Stagg field in Chicago, Illinois in 1921. During the 1930’s and 40’s , the collegiate sports industry was booming & the NCAA found it difficult to head over all the businesses and schools, this lead to professional gambling on collegiate basketball and football games.

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The regulations over the sports were not in the greatest condition, some colleges even looked at football as more of a business rather than a student athletic experience. In 1940, the NCAA proposed one of their biggest enforcement programs called “return to sanity” to prohibit the past …

Should Athletes Be Paid Essay

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