Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

Athletes deserve to be Paid College athletes are the hardest working individuals in college. Balancing academics and sports is never a simple task and is especially challenging in college. The athletes are still required to achieve passing grades, although many of them will play professionally. Paying college athletes would benefit all athletes, providing a small stipend for all of the sacrifices they have made practicing, training, and traveling, in addition to school work.Playing a college sport is like a full time job, except the lack of financial benefits.

College football and men’s basketball generate revenue of more than $6 billion every year, yet no money goes toward paying the people that make the sports possible (Bagaria). College sports would be non-existent without the devoted athletes who work hard and spend countless hours each and every day. Whether practicing, training, or playing in games, these athletes are involved in their sport all seven days of the week.College athletes put in almost the same amount of work as professional players do, but instead of making millions, rather they are receiving no financial benefits (Bagaria).

College athletes deserve to be paid because they sacrifice so much for their team and deserve compensation. Secondly, college athletes not only deserve money because of their devotion, they also need it for their everyday life. During their athletic season, they do not receive any sort of payment for their efforts which would aide them financially and in everyday life (Bagaria).Most scholarships cover cost of housing and textbooks, but leave out basics such as food.

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Logically athletes need food, but their time and energy is spent on a “job” as an athlete practicing and training. There is no time for a second job, and sometimes the families are unable to provide. Student athletes are often unable to work part-time jobs, because in addition to practicing and playing in games, they are full-time students who must earn passing grades to stay in school. Therefore, a small salary for college athletes would help them live contentedly (Bagaria).College athletes deserve to be paid because their schedules are rigorous, and it would also benefit poor athletes. Though many people say college athletes should be paid, some people state that college athletes can receive scholarships that cover most costs, and any other costs can be covered by student loans (Meshefejian). Many college athletes receive scholarship money, but the average amount of funding in an athletic scholarship does not even cover all of a student’s tuition (Bagaria). College athletes are just like anyone else attending college; they need money too for food and basic necessities.It would be different if the athletes had time to work part-time jobs as other students do, but their schedules do not permit it. Also, athletes are getting in trouble for accepting money from outside sources, but they need money for their everyday life and are not receiving any benefits from the football program itself. Receiving just a small amount of compensation would put an end to money from outside sources, and the athletes would have better living conditions. College athletes deserve to be paid because their non-stop practicing and training eliminates the ability to have another job.Another point made in favor of not paying college athletes is that the athletes should be considered students before athletes. By receiving direct payment, they would assume a role as an employee or professional rather than as a student. College athletes should not forget that their main purpose at school is to learn and study, not to play sports and receive money (Bagaria). In comparison, college athletes can still be considered students, the money they would receive is just a small token of gratitude for all of the hard work they have put in on the field, along with in the classroom. Being paid is nothing new for students in other extracurricular activities. When I was editor of my school paper, The Volante, at the University of South Dakota in 1949-50, I was paid $15 a week. That job now pays $95 a week (Neuharth). If other students are receiving money from extracurricular activities, the athletes should also be allowed to receive a small salary too. In conclusion, athletes should be and deserve to be paid. Rigorous academic and athletic schedules make the possibility of having a job impossible and impractical.The athletes are just like any other students and need money for everyday living. Scholarships do not cover everything, and some families are unable to support their children through college. A little pay could go a long way for these athletes and their families. Paying college athletes would make their lives less stressful for not only them but their families and the people close to them. College athletes deserve to be paid because they make unbelievable sacrifices and deserve compensation.

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