When a Family and Children Are Separated by a Country

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Family for some people is unity to a bigger spectrum and a loving relationship with the ones you care about the most and the ones who care for you. Just put yourself in one family’s shoes where you are told you are being seperated by your kids and living in a different country and may never see them again till they become older. That is what is happening to kids and parents in the United States because according to trump’s administration officials more than 2,342 kids are separated from 2,206 parents across the border due to trump’s zero tolerance policy.

These people are mostly people crossing over from mexico to the US searching for a better life but if they don’t make it and get caught by officials and have kids they will be separated by the border. Many people think that mexican people or people that come from mexico are pests that are ruining this country and should be terminated.

Also they think they are a form of trash that doesn’t belong here and need to leave so they can “live in peace” or “not be afraid anymore” but much to your surprise these people are ordinary people like you and every person not some animal that is taking our jobs away. Unfortunately in the society we live in there are those people that describe them as such because they don’t know what is lying beyond this whole verdict of unwelcoming words. Kids living on their own in the streets or in camps not just because they are homeless or being thrown out of their homes but because the US made them live alone far away from their parents.

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This issue has been going on for the longest time and it needs to stop just because of the race you are doesn’t mean you separate kids from parents because they were crossing the border trying to find a better future.

To begin with this topic imagine 1 kid being seperated by his or her parents might not seem alot to you but imagine 2,342 children separated by their 2,206 parents now if that number is not eye opening to you than I could say that you are someone that doesn’t support immigrant children being seperated by illegal parents which is not a bad thing since there are a lot of opinions in this world but just put yourself in a way where you see your son or daughter across a big fence only being able to touch their fingertips or not being able to see each other visibly but hearing each other.

This is what it is like for these parents that can see or hug their children because of the mexican border that stands between their relationship with their young ones. Many may be confused or may not know what family separation is or why it is such a big deal. Some believe that family separation is just another law in the US when children are seperated from parents for being bad parents and put into foster homes or are called by Child Protective Services. Although that might be true there is a bigger meaning to the words family seperation of illegal immigrants which is basically what the name of it is which is children who are illegal immigrant children crossing over from another country with their parents who get caught and the children are separated by their parents and forced to live in the US while the parents are deported back to Mexico.

According to CNN since october 18 of 2018 there are still more than 200 undocumented children separated by their parents and are still in US custody. This occurring event is a big issue in our modern society but not just for the parents because they worry about their children but the bad part about Immigrant family separation is the children because according to the American Bar Association the children are the most to be worried about because “The separation of families causes grave harm to children and their parents. This policy has overwhelmed the criminal justice system and causes inefficiencies in the immigration court system when children, as young as toddlers, appear in court on their own, with no right to appointed counsel.”. Some may think that it’s the parents to blame for bringing their kids with them which is why they were seperated but many don’t know the real reason of why they come and cross the border to the US.

Which is just having a better future for their kids and making their lives the best that they can be because they don’t think they can provide a good future where they are living because either where they are living is dangerous or they don’t have enough money to be stable which is a reason to cross the border to find a job to sustain their children’s life. According to the washington post there is an option the government is offering which is if a family is caught at the border they can stay with their whole family in family detention for months or even years as their case of immigration still follows or allow their children to be taken to a government shelter in order for another relative to seek custody of that child. In some cases most of the child’s family or relatives are still on the other side of the border so kids sometimes stay there until they are adults which can last even longer.

The reason this topic really speaks to me and why I am writing this letter is because my parents are illegal immigrants living in the US which I am really proud of because without their decision for crossing the border for the future of my brother and I just made me realize how amazing the people that are the most important in my life which are my parents. This also made me realize that my parents have gone thru thick and thin for the time they have been here because there was one incident where I wax scared to death because I actually thought my parents where going to be deported and I was crying the most I have ever cried and many people know me as the funny kid that always smiles but that day made it the complete opposite. In that event my dad did a job for some client and he asked my father to come to his house because he told him that he thinks my dad stole his wedding ring and my dad called his lawyer in the truck and my dad the most toughest guy I know was sobbing while talking on the phone which I have never experienced.

The most toughest thing for me to talk about was the moment when my father turned around and looked at me from his seat and said “ I am sorry this is happening and what I am about to tell you but I think I might get deported and I just want to say I love you”. After that sentence my whole face froze and there were just no more tears to cry but my whole mind filled with memories and how my future was going to be, my heart just turned to ash and dust because I could have never imagined this happening to me and I couldn’t imagine a life without my parents I could just picture me seeing my father and mother through a fence or wall only being able to touch fingertips.

This topic is ethical and we should be concerned about this issue because this is happening everyday and many children left alone away from parents. Not being able to see each other for month even years would you be able to live with yourself not knowing how your child is across another country knowing if he or she is alive would you be able to live with that for a year or more. This event does sometimes have dangerous effects on people like one man commited suicide because he was being separated from his child which is a very horrible thing to have happen to that man but in reality so parents just can’t handle the pressure and emotion of being seperated and this also refers to the children to not just adults. The parents are the ones that sacrifice most of their life to make their kids life amazing.

Many people do believe and support Illegal family separation because they want to “make america great again” because we are considered a threat to society and trash that needs to be cleaned up. Which is not a bad thing because we are a free country but it is not a great way to show your opinion by calling innocent people horrible names that are terrible and should never be said. According to the Bipartisan policy center “The Trump administration has chosen to prosecute immigrants under criminal statutes, rather than simply placing apprehended immigrants into civil immigration removal proceedings. Under the Immigration and Naturalization Act, people can be prosecuted in the criminal justice system for illegal entry, illegal re-entry, or assisting someone in illegal entry”. Also many support this topic because they think this is some sort of joke and don’t believe this is real and where just these poor little people trying to sneak into the US which is the complete opposite because people are caught trying to give their kids a better life.

Another reason for this being supported is some people believe illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from americans and not helping this country which is a false statement because we are the same type of person everyone else is not some sort of animal. Even though we have the same opportunities we have as a regular US citizen whe might not have the same amount if money but we still live like any other person.

The way I want the president of the United States to handle it is to see how this topic or event is really hurting people and their life even though he may not really like them they should still be handled with respect and fairness because just they cross the border illegally doesn’t mean their children have to be seperated from them for as long as they can find another person to take care of them which might be never. A big solution that can be made is making a new law of family reunification where if they do unfortunately get caught at the border they should still go back with their whole family. Also we can as a community join together to help these children get back together with parents no matter if your a different race we should come together and do whatever we can to make a change in the world and make it a better place where everyone is happy.

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When a Family and Children Are Separated by a Country
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