The Debate of Nature Versus Nurture in the Case of the Twins Separated at Birth

For many years now, there have been debated discussion on what the main source of human culture is and how it is formed. This debate is known as ‘Nature vs, Nurture’. Many studies have been done and observations have been made. but the arguments still seem to progress and opinions still seem to take over. Nature is another way to put the word “genetics”. The idea of growing and developing by nature is defined as genetic or hormone-based behavior. This means that the way people are and their characteristics are determined by traits that might have been passed down from parents or characteristics that can be grouped to a cenain culture.

”Nature, or genetics. has been proven to be an important factor in the development of some mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia, bipolar, and major depression” (Nature vs. Nurture Debate). Mental illnesses play a huge role in the nature debate.

They are one of the main things that can be passed down naturally through genetics to the child.

There are also more simple examples such as appearance or personality. “Other things like life expectancy and height have a strong biological component, but they are also influenced by environmental factors and lifestyle.” (What is Nature vs Nurture?, Cherw), r‘L On the other hand, nurturing is thought to be the way we row Into a culture or ey become niche. Some say that the way a child is raised plays a huge facto in who th F!  personality and characteristics-wise. “ …the environmental factors are the real origins of our behavior.

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This includes the use of conditioning)…” (Nature and Nurture Debate, Sincero). Soon, it became “a popular theory that it is the stuff around us, like our upbringing, that makes us us.” (Epigenetics: Nature vs nurture, Youtube). Our environments, whether that be parents, friends, or the home around us, can trigger additional traits.

For instance, some say that if you grow up in a home with alcoholic parents, you will grow up to be an alcoholic, This is said because it is the only ‘known’ environment to this person. There are practically raised to think it is okay. In a case study, twins were separated at birth and placed into two very different lifestyles. When they were grown up, they met. They were relatively similar, appearance wise. However, they did have a few different morals and basic differences. But in the end, they connected. Deep down, they both felt like there was something missing. Not knowing how you got your specific traits is one thing, but not knowing there is a whole other half of you out there somewhere is a completely different story. I suppose this applies to everyone in some ways. Think of it this way: Have you ever wondered how you got your almond eye shape, crooked smile, sarcasm, or even your extremely thick hair? What do you think? Were you born with it, or were you influenced by your environment.

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