One of The Greatest Mysteries of the Mind is Nature Versus Nurture

A summary of periodic novel from WW II which revolves around two characters; Werner Pfenning and Marie Laure. Marie Laure was blind, and she lived with her father in Paris. When war started Marie and her father traveled to Saint-Malo, to stay with Marie’s uncle. Her father left Marie with her uncle and went to London. While Werner Pfenning was 12-year-old boy who lives in a coal-mine town in Germany. He lives with his sister in an orphanage. They found a Radio in the enchanted and listen to it every day for news.

Werner learned, how to fix radios and math by listening radio podcasts. He has the capability to do math equations to locate radio frequencies.

According to the article “Identity development” the process of identity development starts at a very young age and continue throughout childhood and becomes a focus of adolescence. This can be described in two different theories; achievement of goals v/s identity confusion (Erick Erickson) and James Marcia’s theory of identity development.

The theories explain, how physical changes affect adolescents to explore about their physical and sexual identity, abstract thoughts which leads adolescents to explore about spiritual and religious beliefs. The Identity development can be affected by racial or cultural background. An adolescent can use their current understanding of who they are when entering in to adulthood. The process of identity development is similar among individuals but the person that an individual will ultimately become is unique.

In nature vs. nurture is one of the greatest mysteries of mind and a lot of research has taken place on the relative role of genes and the effect of environment on them (genes).

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Sir Francis Galton uses twin study, a century ago, to study the role of genes in intelligence. It explains that researchers are working on specific genes, that linked with behavior and diseases. The scientists are studying increasingly about human genes, but not against the nature. The scientists are getting the results that support their studies based on nature vs. nurture, but not getting exact picture of it, rather the results stands somewhere in the middle. A conclusion is being made in which the environment influences gene expressions because of epigenetic markers, which are volume knob for genes. It explains, instead of debating on nature-nurture, one should focus on conclusion that emerged from the scientific study that can be a motivation for people.

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