Are Black and White Separated

Have you ever wonder if blacks and whites were separated? The answer is ,yes it got so bad to the point that black were slaves. But one man known as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. helped this cause by ridding of segregation. Why is he important? One of Dr. King’s greatest achievements was ridding of segregation in the U.S. through marches and peaceful protest all along the south coast. But how did this all start?

Dr. Kings Family Life Born January 15, 1929, Atlanta, GA King had a brother and sister who are A.

D King and Christine King Farris… though sadly nine days before his 39th birthday on July 21, 1969 A.D king was found dead in his pool and was marked as an accident. His mother, Alberta Williams King, was a baptist at a local church Martin Luther King Sr. his father was also a pastor at the same church.

How it Started This all started when a woman named Rosa Parks rode a bus home and did not give up here seat to a white man.

She was sent to prison, this made Dr. King so mad he started the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955. This lasted until December 20, 1956. The March Years later after the boycott Dr. king still peacefully protesting against segregation laws and made his way to Washington D.C. As thousands of blacks marched through the streets at the head was Dr. king standing tall and proud. Few hours later millions of people gathered at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, all to hear Dr.

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king’s dream.

The Dream As he said, “ This day will go down in history of this nation,” and so it did. His dream was of many, for segregation to end, to allow black and whites to hold hands as brothers and sisters, for blacks to walk the same ground as whites, to share this beautiful world together. Though many people were against this he still stood tall and protected what he believed in for his family, for his friends, and for everyone. The Price On April 4, 1968 a day after his “I’ve been to the mountaintop” speech he was assassinated by James Earl Ray.

He was a man so filled with hate he would take a man’s life to stop what he knew was right. Though his life was not wasted, indeed the law of segregation was tossed and blacks were free to do the same as whites.

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