What’s it Like Being A Twin?

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The question is a phrase I have been asked countless times; I do not blame people for their curiosity. It is an unordinary experience for many since few people have the opportunity to experience such a close bond with another individual. After all, unlike most people, my twin sister, Christina, and I have spent our entire lives besides each other. However, it was not always easy being compared to one another. Though we are completely different in regard to appearances, style, interests, and hobbies, we have always been viewed as a “whole”, always being called “the twins”.

Because of this loss of individuality, I have always tried to view myself as an individual.

Our transition into high school was the opportunity we had been waiting for – hardly any people knew we were twins, mistaking us as cousins, friends, or simply two girls that resembled each other. Most teachers even told our mother, “You would never know they are related. They are so different!”.

Even as the only twins in our grade, like our classmates, we began to fit in as our own unique characters. Christina and I began to thrive in different settings and discover what it is like to be treated individually. It became a life where I could finally be recognized for my own character. I proved to be a sociable person who favored being around people; Christina had a small group of friends with whom she was comfortable with. And although we enjoyed our occasional “alone” time, we were happy seeing each other after a long day of school.

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Many people lose their individuality being a twin. However, I imagine that my unique background has helped me discover myself. It has challenged me to finally become my own person and expand on my own interests. Occasionally, I forget that my sister is actually my twin – until it is time to celebrate our birthday or someone notices us at the store and exclaims, “Wow, are these the twins?”. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.” Individuality is a value that is important to reach at any age. Encompassed by worldly things, most people today are persuaded to look like others, have the same interests, and behave in the same manner. I am blessed to have found my individuality early in life and I am eager to continue to find myself at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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