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What makes America Great? Paper

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People are always saying “America’s so great!” and “Oh, ich möchte eines Tages in Amerika Leben!” (Translation: Oh, I want to live in America someday!) But why do people say that? What exactly makes America great? Who, what, when, where, and why is America great? So, let’s see who made America great. A person who made America great was Thomas Jefferson who made many useful inventions, but what did you even make? Some inventions that our third president made where the polygraph, the wheel cipher, and the revolving Bookstand.

Another important American was Martin Luther King Jr. He made America great by fighting for the rights of people of a different race. Because of him, we have the civil rights law which Congress passed in 1964.

What places make America so great anyways? Some places that contribute to “America the Beautiful” are Antelope Canyon, Arizona, Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming, Multnomah Falls in Oregon, and the Na Pali Coast in Hawaii.

There are also some beautiful things made by men such as the Gateway Bridge and the Statue of liberty. I, myself have been to a beautiful place in South Dakota called Custer state park which is a nature drive. Why America is so great is because we also have so many great laws like the civil rights law, freedom of speech, and another great one is that we can vote for our President. The laws that are most important to me are the ones that protect children like how people can’t harm, hurt, or put a child in danger.

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In conclusion, America is a great place because of all the great people like Thomas Jefferson who made many of the inventions we still use today, Martin Luther King Jr. who fight for civil rights. There are also many amazing and beautiful places such as Antelope Canyon and the Statue of liberty. And finally, there are many important laws that make America great, like freedom of speech. So the next time someone asks you, “Why is America so great anyways” you’ll know why.

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