What Makes America Great: Land of Freedom

What makes America great? As an American, I can say a lot of people are really lucky to live in this amazing country called America. We have different types of individuals, ethnic groups, tribes, and many contrasting races. Other countries all around the world wish they could live in our country with the freedom we enjoy everyday. I am a fortunate human being for being born in America. We have freedom, justice, and equality while some countries are still struggling with slavery and unjust treatment.

When I think of what makes America great I think of freedom, our government, our military and our unity. No other country in this world has what we have. As Dennis Hastert once said, “ What makes America great is that we can come together during times of national tragedy.” This quote is not only saying a little bit of what makes America great but it is also saying our country comes together when tragedies like 9/11 happen.

We, in America have many opportunities, which we take for granted.

There are numerous job prospects in America and many opportunities to start your own different types of business. We have the right to a 12 year education that gives us many choices and opportunities to decide after we graduate. There are numerous colleges and universities that we can attend if we desire. When we are old enough we have the opportunity to elect who runs for our country by voting who gets into the office. We have the opportunity to say what we want on our minds, because we have freedom of speech.

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We have the opportunity to practice whatever religion we choose and do it freely without worrying about being punished. We have numerous opportunities and freedoms to do this because America is great and we can live what we desire to live.

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What Makes America Great: Land of Freedom
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