How Freedom and Diversity Makes America Great

What makes really America Great? I personally think the Freedom and diversity that makes it great. America is a free country and everyone has freedom. Opportunity to do whatever you want.

The Bill of Rights which was passed by Congress on September 25, 1789, and ratified on December 15, 1791. In the Bill of Rights there are ten amendments. The first amendment states that we have freedom of speech, press, and to be whatever religion you desire. The amendment also states that we have freedom of assembly and petition.

America is considered to be the country of freedom. We are extremely lucky for this freedom and to have right like free speech. Americans can vote for presidential elections. In other countries like Sudan you wouldn’t have to free speech, and to have free speech to speak in public, you would need to have a permission or a special license from the government. If you didn’t there would be consequences and you may be prosecuted.

Us Americans can believe in who ever we want, in other words be different religions like Christians, Muslim, and Catholic. This freedom is special because in Saudi Arabia you had to be Muslim and could not practice any other religion other then Islam. Women in America can be independent and be their own self. They can go to work and go have fun by themselves. In Saudi Arabia you would not be able to leave the house or drive any car unless you were with a male relative.

Our country strives to listen to the nation and to do what people want.

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If you don’t like what is happening you can speak up for yourself and make a change. Being an American means you have rights.

America is a great country with equal rights. Each individual is thankful for the lives they live, being able to go to work and school each day and returning home to their families without worry and trouble unlike other countries where they may not be able to see their family for weeks. America has a great diversity of races and different types cultures which makes us Americans feel accepted in the world.

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How Freedom and Diversity Makes America Great
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