Very Advanced Technology in this Generation

The following sample essay on disadvantages and advantages of technology. Their influence on the adolescent.

Do you know how many weak teenagers in school have become the first intelligent students in their school just because of the very developed technology in this generation? Before in the old generation, teenagers depend only on their brains in school, no one from this generation can live in the old generation, because of technology that makes them get everything by a mouse click. Technology has a very big advantage role on teenagers, with technology teenagers developed a lot and their lives become so easier.

Using technology in their lives will make them intellectual and successful, they will learn more, they will create a lot of creative things, and they will explore a lot of things.

The first advantage role of technology on teenagers is in education and creating creative projects for their teachers. Teenagers now can depend on the internet to get helpful information and explanation for everything they don`t understand by a mouse click and in a very few seconds.

If they have to write and essay they can use technology to get some ideas and information to write, they can also use technology to look for grammar mistakes in their essay for example Grammarly. They can use technology to help them with their homework, if they have given a homework they can quickly go to the internet and search for the answer. Teenagers can use technology to practice for tests by using for example Quizlet.

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These days, creative expression is one of the obvious benefits of technology (Simeon).

Teenagers by using technology they can create creative projects, for example they can use to create a creative poster, and they can also share their creative projects.They can assign creative, interactive projects using the camera functionality and photo- or video-sharing sites. The second advantage is in communication, safety, and staying in touch with your family and friends. Technology now developed communication a lot, it allows teenagers communicate with people for help, and communicate with their family and friends which makes them stay in touch with each other, for example if the teenagers have a friend in another country, and he wants to ask him something he can communicate with him by texting or calling using Skype or many other communication apps. Today`s generation is one that can conceivably grow up without ever losing touch with their friends from summer camp! (CiPHR), if they faced any problem they can use their cell phones to call their parents or police to come and save them.

The third advantage is exploring different places, people, ideas, issues, and cultures. By using technology, teenagers can explore different issues online and not only from seeing or hearing them in their real lives.By watching news, current affairs and documentaries, or reading about issues online (Raising Children Network: the Australian parenting website). They can explore different places by using Google Maps which allows them see different countries roads and cities and they can also ask people online about any place from any country they want. They will explore different cultures by researching in Google about any country that they are interested to learn or know information about, and they can also ask people online. Teenagers will explore different people, and ideas by seeing comments of different people opinions and ideas on different websites like Yahoo.

It`s also a good way to expose your teen to diversity and to inspire them to try new activities and engage in new ideas. Some people claimed that technology is bad, and it doesn`t benefit teenagers, but on the contrary it is damaging them a lot. Technology gives teenagers more chance to be in risk, it affects their health, for example it makes them move less and moving less is so dangerous because they may have overweight. Technology may also affect their eyesight and make it weak because of the strong lightning in the computer screens, which will force them to wear glasses, and they may also lose their eyesight completely.

Overall, technology have advantages and disadvantages, for the advantages’ technology improved education, it makes teenagers create creative projects, it improved communication, safety, staying in touch with your family and friends, and exploring different places, people, ideas, issues, and cultures. For the disadvantages it makes teenagers be in overweight, and it makes their eyesight weak. I am with the advantages, because the advantages is a lot, I can also benefit from it and it has a very beneficial information which I can see in my real life which will help me write examples of these beneficial information in my real life to my essay. Teenagers now in an age that knows what`s good for them and what`s right, so they can use technology wisely to not get the disadvantages of technology for example they should not stay so long on the computer screens, and they can walk from time to time.

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