EA Sports Is the Most Advanced Company in the Gambling Industry

This essay sample essay on Ea Sports Essay offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.

Electronic Humanistic disciplines or EA Sports is considered to be one of the taking companies every bit far as the gambling industry is concerned. With its wide scope of company support from among its different constitutions across the Earth. EA Sports continues with its thrust to take the battalion of the companies in both offline and on-line bet oning systems.

Apparently. the assorted methods employed by EA Sports in footings of artworks design. selling. production and client directions are merely some of the important and every bit important factors which have mostly contributed to the company’s success over the past few old ages.

It can be noted that the company has underwent major developments through the old ages. particularly since the cyberspace is continuously germinating. As the line of merchandises and services being offered by the company began to spread out dramatically.

the demand for betterments in order to remain afloat the competition in the competitory universe of bet oning rose proportionately. As a affair of fact. EA Sports is continuously developing more and more game merchandises which comparatively match the developments in the hardware used for the package games.

On the other manus. the company has besides developed the graphical content of its package games in about the full class of the being of the company manner back in 1982.

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This can be attributed to the fact that the demand for games which meet the demands of of all time increasing bet oning public-service corporations have besides increased. It can besides be attributed to the changeless inflow of thoughts spurred by the company’s game developers which. by all agencies. guides the way of the company in the context of the available engineering.

With these general things in head. it is every bit of import to look into the inside informations as to why EA Sports is a great company amidst the stiff competition in the gambling industry.

Equal chancesOne of the grounds why EA Sports has become one of the world’s taking synergistic amusement package company is the fact that it aims at supplying an equal playing field for prospective employees. By giving draw a bead oning appliers the equal chance to portion and lend their endowment to the company. EA Sports has gained a broad scope of blessing from labour critics and brotherhoods. therefore giving the company an added advantage in furthering a healthy environment for the company.

Peter Western states that people “profess to believe in equal opportunity” and that it necessarily amounts to stating that there is a certain cloth of penchant for a system which gives equal chance than those without ( Western. p. 837 ) . Equally far as EA Sports is concerned. there are indexs to deduce that the company has provided equal chances for people.

In peculiar. the company has non discriminated employees and appliers in footings of gender and race to call a few. On the contrary. the company has strongly encouraged the sense of diverseness among its ranks and files. which is further elaborated in the company’s codifications of behavior. More significantly. the company has been able to keep a steadfast appreciation on the rule of doling out equal chances to assorted persons by set uping several subdivisions across the universe. EA Sports does non merely hold a broad array of subdivisions in America. It has besides working subdivisions in Asia and Europe which proves the point that the company does non merely purpose at a planetary laterality in the industry but besides aim a wider audience both for employees and clients.

With a broader base support for prospective employees across boundaries from gender and race to nationality. the company has surpassed the undertaking of keeping a healthy blend of work force.

Wider client range

  1. A. Leslie notes that “complex interconnectednesss among topographic points and between the planetary and the local have ever existed” ( Leslie. p. 404 ) . This gives the thought that companies taking at a successful planetary selling run should larn to cover with these complex interconnectednesss. One of the ways in accomplishing this terminal is to procure a broad client range.

Given the fact that EA Sports has company divisions in the United States. Asia and in Europe to call a few. it can barely be doubted that the company has a broad client range. In fact. the company besides offers the clients the option to download some of its games online. This enables the client to straight buy games without even go forthing the amenitiess of their ain place. which goes without stating that a client from Asia can immediately buy games from the web site of the company that is based in the United States.

Since EA Sports besides operates online. the company besides has a client-support system which greatly enhances the efficiency of communicating between the client and the company. With this strategy. the demands and questions of the clients are expeditiously addressed in the earliest clip possible which drastically reduces the clip spent on waiting for mail-clad responses from other companies.

Further. EA Sports besides has an on-line forum for its games provided for its registered members. Since enrollment is free of charge and is done online. entree to the forum is comparatively easy. In kernel. the on-line forum provided by the company stimulates interpersonal communicating from among the members themselves inasmuch as it besides gives the company the capableness to supervise the recent treatments among its clients. It besides gives the company administrators to straight pass on and prosecute in a healthy treatment with the forum members. therefore giving manner to a refined system of updating the company’s public presentation in conformity to the demands and desires of the clients.

The company’s web site besides features a list of updates with respect to its game characteristics and approaching events. This characteristic gives its browse clients the ability to maintain posted about the recent updates to the games they have purchased every bit good as the approaching events near their vicinity which may be of involvement to them. More significantly. this characteristic gives the company the upper manus in keeping a healthy figure of clients who invariably search for the recent gambling package available. further augmenting the figure of clients to the company.

Ability to accommodate. follow and germinate

It has been observed that a company’s ability to accommodate. follow and germinate is important to the endurance of any company. particularly when the company has direct connexions to the information and communications engineering sector ( Hans. Johanson and Seyed-Mohamed. p. 30 ) .

EA Sports besides has the ability to accommodate to the current tendencies in the market with regard to engineering and follow the popular athleticss and leisure activities of the people. The latter is discernible in the manner in which the company has been able to integrate the several popular athleticss such as hoops and football into its bet oning market. For case. the company has been able to spread out its gambling lists by geting the rights to do games out of the NBA. FIFA. NFL and NCAA. As these games become more and more popular to both old and younger coevalss likewise. the demand for the package versions of these games has besides increased.

Furthermore. EA Sports has been able to prolong its rights in doing package versions of these games. Since the construct of the first package version game of NBA. the company has continued to further better the graphical inside informations of the game. In comparing. NBA Live 2008 has more advanced graphical characteristics than its predecessors.

The patterned advance of the game versions created by EA Sports has besides prompted a development in the characteristics available in these games. As Robinson and Chiang observes. “forces alone to an single concern can give a intercrossed strategy” for many grounds ( Robinson and Chiang. p. 856 ) . The same can be observed with EA Sports which. in its attempts to consolidate a big amount of its plan developments for the series of NBA Live for illustration. has resorted to legion alterations of its games. From the graphical interface experience of the user to the manner in which the user controls the game. EA Sports has routinely developed its series of popular games in order to increase the characteristics of the games and run into the steady flow of consumer outlooks.

Further. the company is besides able to hammer other elements into the merchandises that it markets to the populace. One of these external elements is music. or the capableness of the company to integrate popular and several other lifting music both from established and recent sets. For case. EA Sports has late used the music of the set The Bravery in farther advancing the company’s latest release of its Madden NFL 2008 game. By making this strategy. the company has been able to non merely widen the range of the game to music partisans but besides increase the entreaty of the game itself.

Merchandise enlargement

EA Sports besides features a list of its expanded game characteristics which includes but is non limited to merchandises from jerseies to jackets. memorabilia points from playing cards to extremely individualized ware. and downloadable vocals. Putsis and Bayus point out that “product line direction is an of import tool of competitory scheme used by houses in diverse strategies” ( Putsis and Bayus. p. 110 ) . Therefore. merchandise line direction through the enlargement of the merchandises and services offered by the company is taken to be one manner for the company to strategically obtain an advantage over its rivals.

Although the enlargement of merchandises by EA Sports translates to an addition in the operation disbursals of the company which are external to the basic proviso of resources to its chief merchandises. the success of the company in the competitory gambling industry can besides be shared with by merchandise enlargement.


EA Sports has been successful in taking the battalion of competitory companies in the gambling industry through its attempts in advancing its lines of merchandises and services. The uninterrupted development of the industry has prompted the company to farther polish its internal and external attempts to remain afloat the competition.


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EA Sports Is the Most Advanced Company in the Gambling Industry
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