Twilight Movie Analysis

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From the pale cold skin to the swift unnatural reflexes, Twilight has become the number one teen movie. Based on the world’s best selling novel written by Stephanie Meyer, the film is about a seventeen year old girl named Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). Bella moves from sunny Arizona to rainy Washington. She had willingly left her house in Arizona to make her mom happy and move to where her dad lived- in Forks. Bella felling lonely-meets Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

Edward is ‘the forbidden Fruit’. She falls in love with him even though it is against her better judgment. Edward is a vampire that craves Bella’s blood. He wants to be with her but this means if he can not resist, Bella will die. The movie is all about Edward’s love for Bella over coming his temptation to drink her blood and most likely kill her. The movie also deals with the theme ‘good and evil’, whether vampires can act with reliability or if it is in their character to be natural killers.

The Romeo and Juliet unconditional love in the movie was a clichi? and the lack dialogue between the two main characters made the movie seems as if they had no depth in their relationship. This may have been from the cause of the background music throughout most of the movie. The music in the film did not necessarily capture the mystery, the intensity, and the torment of Bella & Edward’s developing relationship. And the tracks chosen to accompany the film sounded out dated and did not go well with several scenes.

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Twilight Thesis Statement

On the other hand Twilight is a complete success, so much so that most of the film’s flaws work within the context of the story. Personally I would think that the book was better than the movie. For the reason that whilst reading a book anyone can make their imagination run, but when watching a movie all the thinking is done for the viewer. In some cases of a book being made into a film, it is the book that is more fascinating, for the reason that books appear to use more words of description that a movie could not be able to portray.

The theme of a love affair between predator and prey, “the lion falling in love with the lamb”[1] (as said in the book), did not get revealed enough in the movie compared to what the book had showed. Twilight had a reasonable story line and it had some action scenes to keep me entertained but I felt it could have had a more spellbinding plot seeing as how the film was about blood thirsty vampires. While Twilight is about a vampire, the film itself is a romantic comedy rather than a vampire/horror/action.

Producers and directors used the ‘grainy grey filter’ in order to give a gothic dark atmosphere to the movie. They also insured that they used skewed camera angles to make the film more like a movie than a music video. Applying shots such as close ups, pans, birds eye view, gave the sense of action and made the movie more fascinating. And by using non dietetic and dietetic shots furthermore enhanced the climax a certain scenes in the movie. The director, Catherine Hardwicke said that ‘we were not settled on a specific visual rhythm and the film looks uneven.

When we started shooting there were no clear markers on how this film was meant to be structured in terms of cinematography’ [2] and that made the film in some sense appear to be dated and uninspired. Overall, I’d have to say that nothing reached 1my expatiations, although nothing was horrible. The film did its job, and there is always room for growth in the next few films that are said to being made (new moon and eclipse). The first in a series isn’t always the strongest, and this one provides a decent structure for future events.

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