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“If you could live forever, what do you live for? ” This is the tagline of the latest and box-office vampire movie, Twilight. Revolving around the life of an awkward 17-yr old girl, Twilight is a film about the new life and the inconceivable love Bella Swan found. Pressed to live with her father in Forks, Washington after her mother remarried, Bella came to know a secret kept away from humans—the true existence of vampires. In her first day at Forks High School she became an instant celebrity, what with her damsel-in-distress nature and pale yet stunning beauty.

Not only had she been the center of attention but Bella had also got contact with the beautiful god-like Cullens. And as she gets to know the Cullens more, especially the irresistible mind-reading Edward Cullen, her life was put more into danger. It seemed it’s not only humans that found her very appealing, but her scent was mouth-watering to vampires too; thus she became the object fought for by the Cullens and the nomads James, Victoria, and Laurent.

A classic battle between good and evil, this time portrayed as a clash involving the vampires that vowed to drink only animals’ blood and those who yearn for humans’ blood, Twilight presents heart-pounding scenes as the fight between James and Edward for Bella’s life ensues. In the end, Edward’s love for Bella conquered all and they went to intimately dance at the school ball. A movie that would make you wish you were a teenage girl, Kenneth Turan of the New York Times believes Twilight succeeds in capturing the essence of the book from where it was adapted.

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The Vampire’s Kiss

Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight saga, is not exactly a great literary stylist but she has come up with one heck of a romantic concept. (http://movies. nytimes. com/2008/11/21/movies/21twil. html) And that is exactly what is shown in the motion picture; the scheme of how love could cross the boundaries of life and death just to be with the one you love most. There are several things that made this film a big hit. One, it got a good plot and a problem that matches that of the Oscar-winning “Ghost.

” While there had been more than handful vampire movies from then until now, Twilight had still made its marked, the newest Dracula now known by the name Edward Cullen. Two, it’s brought to life by a playwright, Melissa Rosenberg, and a director, Catherine Hardwicke, with astounding reverence. Hardwicke particularly, as Turan says, “.. whose entire career has been built on the veneration of young adults, Hardwicke has connected so intensely to the Meyer novel that it’s hard to imagine anyone else making a better version.

” (http://movies. nytimes. com/2008/11/21/movies/21twil. html) And lastly it was acted out by actors, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella and Edward, who put their heart out to their roles. Turan even compared it to Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor when they did “Camille” for George Cukor. On the whole, the movie had been a watchful. Not only were the scenes gorgeously produced but the casting, as well as how the roles and the lines were delivered was outstanding.

The movie review, made by Kenneth Turan, only made me realize more how wonderful Twilight has been made, despite the fact that it was a low-budget film. It’s a great movie, indeed a motion picture to be talked for years to come. I like it not just because Robert Pattinson was a handsome Edward or I wish that I was Kristen Stewart but also because it touched my inner feminine persona. Every woman and every girl wishes for a knight-in-shining-armor to come and sweep them off their feet.

Even when a girl or a woman shows a very strong character, deep inside she is wishing for a prince that would show her the true meaning of love, and how it really feels to love and be loved. Twilight is a movie that captures that essence and for that truth, Twilight, for me, gains two thumbs up.

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