Twilight Book Report

The novel Twilight is a fantasy romance story wrote by Stephenie Meyer. According to the information from Wikipedia, the series has sold over 120 million copies worldwide with translations into at least 38 different languages around the globe.The protagonist is Bella Swan, a seventeen-year-old girl. Unlike other teenage girls who like shopping and fashion; Bella does not pay much attention on dressing. “The dress selection wasn’t large, but both of them found a few things to try on. I sat on a low chair just inside the dressing room, by the three-way mirror, trying to control my fuming.

” (page154) Bella changes from passive to active by the end of the story. At the very beginning of the story, Bella is quiet, she does not like to talk much, and she tries to keep the feeling to Edward in secret. By the end of the story, Bella feels confident to say she loves Edward, and she dresses up gorgeously and goes to the prom with Edward.

One important right thing Bella does in the story is even though she knows Edward is a vampire, she stills keep in relationship with Edward instead breaking up with him, and personally I can feel the strength of love at that moment.

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“Charlie is Police Chief Swan to the good people of Forks” (page5) Charlie is the protagonist Bella’s father. Although Charlie knows nothing about vampire and werewolf, his best friend Billy Black belongs to werewolf family and Charlie’s coworker who is Doctor Cullen is a vampire.

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Besides, all of the “murders” that Charlie is responsible for is do by the vampires. Another character, Jacob Black is one of the children of Billy Black, and he is also a werewolf. Jacob grows up with Bella together, and they always play together when they are small and live in the same city. Jacob loves Bella, but he does not say the love to Bella yet. However, same as Edward, Jacob is willing to do everything to protect Bella. In the novel, Jacob is the one who tells the history of w…

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Twilight Book Report
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