Selma Movie Analysis Essay

This film impacted everyone in the audience. It made everyone fell angry, frustrated, hurt, sad, and inspired. Was hooked in this movie from the very beginning. The seen with the black woman tying to register to vote only to be met with a racist man behind the counter denying her of her rights and her disappointment as she has once again been denied was heartbreaking to watch and made me upset and annoyed all at the same time.

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The movie ally went deep into what life really was like for black people before the Voting Rights Act and the struggles that they had to endure in order to achieve the rights already bestowed upon them.

This movie isn’t just about DRP. Martin Luther King, but also about the evolution of change through political manipulation. The audience and had no trouble relating with DRP. Martin Luther King. We clearly saw how he was a man no different from any of us and if he can advocate and endorse change through non-violence, then e can as well.

Then we have no reason, no excuse, and no justification not to promote change. This epic movie empowers and motivates us to make a difference in the world, to do something that will help make this country a better place for everyone. Overall, this movie simply amazed me. To think that so much can be done through non-violent acts such as protesting and marching. I began to wonder why so many other political figures chose violence over everything else in order to get what they wanted instead of hosing to do what DRP.

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Martin Luther King did. We see the conflict between choosing violent methods over non-violent methods in the movie during the scene with DRP. Kings wife, Correct, and Malcolm X. In this scene, the two mention how Malcolm X chose violent methods, which was the complete opposite of what DRP. King was doing and how Correct did not want him to ruin what DRP. Martin Luther had already established. I loved this movie and think that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy it as well.

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Selma Movie Analysis Essay
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