Top 10 Home Safety Tips

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Home is the place of love and care. A place where kids grow up. That’s why we have to protect our homes from any unwanted threat. There are burglars, thieves, and intruders out there who want to break into our house and cause serious problems. Maybe a gas leak will cause a fire threat and that can take lives. So, we must protect our homes from them. 10 tips for home safety down below will guide you thru every step to protect your house.

#1 Make sure every exterior has a powerful locking system.

Doors and Windows

First of all, it is mandatory to use reliable locks on all the exterior doors because they are the way to enter your house. If you can properly lock each door with heavy locks, the burglars will have a hard time breaking into your house. Besides don’t forget the windows too. Lock every window properly before leaving the house or going to bed.

Use Digital Lock

And let’s talk about what type of lock you should use.

A normal way is putting key locks on the door but nowadays thieves are well aware of common locks. So, if you can afford a digital locking system like a fingerprint lock, then it would be much more secure than regular locks. And as it is a digital system, you can store a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 200 or more different fingerprints for your family members as well as relatives. ways

#2 Use motion sensor lights and burglar alarms

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are useful in many ways.

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But the most important thing is to keep your home safe right? So here is the thing, if you want to increase the security of your house then it is one of the best and cheapest ways to go. The sensor detects motion and lit up. As a result, it is difficult for thieves or burglars to break into your home. Install these lights in every corner, the kitchen, garage, and storeroom.

Burglar Alarm

This is the most used thing nowadays. It is so effective that everyone considers having burglar alarms in their house. According to a survey by convicted burglars, 50% of them wouldn’t attempt burglary where they find a burglar alarm. This alarm is so reliable because it is triggered when a door or a window is being opened by an intruder. It is like a security guard for your home. The homeowners can relax because the alarms are watching out for them.

#3 Digital Security Camera setup for the entire house

Inside the house

It is one of the most important tips for home safety. There are many cameras available and make sure you have the setup which can be monitored by a smartphone or laptop. You can monitor the cameras at any time when you are out.

There are Cameras nowadays which can rotate 360 degrees and can also detect moving objects. I mean motion sensor cameras. So if a thief breaks into your house and moves around the cameras, you will get a notification of an unknown moving object. You can then directly see through the cameras in the app and take necessary actions immediately.

Outside the house

You can install a camera outside the entrance of your house so that every time someone comes to visit you, deliver food or any package you can see who is behind the door through the camera. You can also put a camera in the garage so that you can also be sure that your supercar is also safe.

#4 Keep gun for protection

You can keep a gun for extra security. If you think that you must have a gun to keep your house and people safe then you can keep a licensed gun for protection

Ideal Place

If you have a gun, then you should know where to put your gun and also have instant access to it when you need it. The best place to keep your gun is under the bed in a cabinet. Yes, this is one of the best places to hide a gun. Suppose you are in bed, sleeping. Suddenly you realize that someone is in your house. You can instantly take the gun from under the bed. There are other ideal places like in a drawer, or a dedicated gun safe.

Gun Safe

You must have a gun safe if you have a gun. Gun is a very dangerous weapon. It should not be accessible to children in your house. Besides, you can not only keep your gun in the safe but also can keep other valuables such as jewelry, important documents, cash, etc. Check out our Best home safe review and pick a suitable one for your home.

#5 Fire safety

Before any accident

We should always be prepared for any fire accidents in our homes. To prevent fire accidents to occur, we have to be careful. Before we go to sleep, we must check the kitchen to make sure the stove is not on. We also have to discuss a fire escape plan. The children should understand the plan and make sure they always remember the plan. We need to keep fire extinguishers in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the garage and anywhere we think is necessary. Besides we can also use smoke detectors in our house which might be a lifesaver.

During the accident

I know, during a fire accident, outourbut our mind doesn’t work properly. We get so tentensesed and we forget to do what is need to be done immediately. Sometimes we cannot decide whether t leave the valuables back or not. Our life is very precious and we have to stick to the fire escape plan if a fire accident occurs. We need to use the fire extinguishers to clear a path outside.

After the accident

As soon as we get out of the house we should immediately call for help. Also if anyone is hurt, make sure that he gets the basic treatment if possible. Otherwise, we have to wait until the ambulance comes.

#6 Stair and wiring


Stairs are really dangerous is there are no railings on the side. If we slip on the stairs we won’t be able to hold anything. For the kids, this is really important. Kids seemed to be running and playing all the time around the house. To prevent any injuries, make sure your stairs have railings and also the surface is not slippery. Always warn your kids to be careful down the stairs.


We sometimes forget about small things. Sometimes we ignore wiring problems but that small thing can cause serious problems. As a house owner, you have to take care of those small things such as replacing old wires, fixing the fuse, powering off the line before doing any electrical work, wearing footwear or standing in a wooden chair or on a carpet, having the right tools also on are the basic wiring safety tips. If you think that you can’t do it on your own then never take a risk and call in a professional electrician. He’ll charge you bucks but it is worth your safety, right?

#7 Health tips


We all are health conscious. But when get seriously injured and before taking you to the hospital, someone has to give general treatment otherwise your life could be in danger. To be safe at home, we should keep a first aid box with us. We should also keep some regularly used medicines.


We all should learn some advanced treatment skills because we may have to use those skills anytime. Knowing CPR and abdominal thrusts (the Heimlich maneuver) is really necessary. Besides, you should learn how to check Blood pressure and also measure sugar levelemergencieswhether t. These will help a lot in emergencyemergenciesget.

#8 Safety outside the house

We have kids playing outside inon the ground. They can be injured in the playground. They can fall into the swimming pool. That’s why you have to be careful outside too.

Playground safety

More than 200k children are injured and treated in hospitals. And all these injuries are related to the playground. In the playground, there can be tools, machines or, maybe the ground surface is so hard that when someone falls, there is a high chance to get a serious injury. So make sure there are no unnecessary tools or equipment in the playground and the ground surface is soft enough to prevent injuries. Parents should also keep an eye on their kids while they’re playing.

Swimming pool safety

Make sure your children can’t go to the swimming pool alone. Surround the swimming pool with a don’t5-6 feet high barrier or fence. Also, make sure there are swing rings for thoaboutabout doesn’t know swimming yet. Never let anyone swim alone. Keep your children under strong supervision until they are out of the pool and safe.

#9 Keep a Dog

This is an optional thing to do because some house owners don’t want to keep any pets in their houses. But those who love dogs can keep the dog as a friendly companion and also as a guard for your house. As you know, dogs always want to protect their owners. If they see any unknown faces around the house they bark loudly. So keeping a dog is a nice addition to your home safety. The German shepherd is my favorite. What is your favorite? Let me know in the comment.

#10 Make a good relationship with neighbors

This is also not an essential thing to do but doing so will be helpful for you. Building a good relationship with the people living near you can make your life a bit more securethemsecure them. You can situations emergencies ge help in an emergency and you may also help them when they need you. It is a mutual bond.

Sometimes when we get outside of our house, we hide their keys in some common places near the house so that kids can enter the home after school. But this is a very unwise thing to do because nowadays intruders are well aware of the obvious key hiding places. In that case, the relationship with the neighbors will help because you can rely on them. They can keep your keys and give itthem to your kids when they are back home.

Final Verdict

These are the top 10 home safety tips. You can not stop any threats from coming but you can always be careful and prepared for any situation. Keep the tips in mind and start taking the necessary steps from today.

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