A Surprisingly Different Kind of Safety and Security, Space and Location, and Utilities in My American Home

What are the sentiments when the reality is more overwhelming than expectations? When most people from around the world move to America, their expectation is way beyond than the truth, particularly those who come from Sub-Saharan African countries, They think everything is going to be easier. However, I have been told not to have high hopes about the country, by people who have lived in America for decades Surprisingly, I found America much more than I intended it to be. Indeed, from all of my expectations, regarding safety and security, space and location, and utilities I am more surprised and overwhelmed by the difference between my family house back in Ethiopia and the house I stayed at that time and lived for almost four years since then Regarding safety and security, my home in America has two fundamental differences than my family house in Ethiopia.

The first one is a home security system in which my house in America is protected and monitored by a technologically advanced alarm system twenty»four hours a days In fact, once the alarm is set on if there is a housebreak the system automatically can communicate with nearby emergency services, like the police department.

In comparison, my family home does not have this kind of system that can protect the family from burglary, but the house has a personal security guard that perform all the security duties. The second one is that when there is an emergency, my home in America has an easy and quick access to run away from any danger in the house.

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Unlikely, my family house does not have emergency access at all. This two primary difference between the two houses is so enormous that I tend to dislike my house in Ethiopia in terms of safety and security.

In addition to security and safety, the other main difference between both houses is space and the location of the house The fact that America ranks in the tops regarding housing is because of the amount of the area single home covers, Nevertheless, my house in the US includes a vast range of area with a huge backyard and a parking area. Meanwhile, the house in Ethiopia covers a small area and has no yard and parking area. Even the interior of the house in the US has a wide space than my family’s house. In fact, the room where I am currently staying at is twice larger than the living room in my family house. This can tell us how much my home in the United States has dominated my family’s home in Ethiopia Another point was regarding location that how far are both houses to public transportation and shopping centers. Once again it is my home in America that has the closest access to public transportation.

My family has located far away from urban areas that it requires long walking from the house to the public transportation and shopping centers This is a rational reason why my home in America has dominated my home in Ethiopia Notably, by the materials used to build houses is the only part that my family home better than my current home. My family house is made from robust and durable materials that can last longer. To be specific, they use cement and concretes inside and outside of the house. On the other hand, my house in America uses soft wood materials that can easy be destroyed. However, another key point that makes my house in America different than my house in Ethiopia is house utility supplies. There are no complaints about my house in America regarding home service. The house provides a constant supply of electricity and accesses to clean water, While, the house in Ethiopia has a shortage of electric power and subsequently does not provide clean water.

In fact, sometimes water supply can go off for weeks that many people forced to take a shower every two weeks. In conclusion, the way I use to leave life has completely changed afterl came to America. Indeed, it is a reasonable reason why my life has changed because the place where I came from has not been provided me with those changes, To clarify, Ethiopia is one of the poorest nation on the earth, and coming from this country to the United States of America recognized as one of the strongest and richest nation on Lhe planet, this can easily answer all Lhe questions about what my changes can be. However, my family home in Ethiopia always has the courage to be respected and remembered in my heart. Meanwhile, my home here in the United States has more courage not just to be recognized and represented but also to be joyfult

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