Running Head: My Top Five Strengths

After taking the Strength Quest evaluation via Gallup my pinnacle 5 strengths in order are: empathy, harmony, developer, include, and belief. I see these strengths taking part in a position in my present day existence in quite a worker of ways, for I have read thru the descriptions of the 5 strengths I ought to effortlessly relate to the working and characteristics that had been given in the “what makes you stand out?”, component of strengths insight and motion planning guide. (Gallup, Inc.

, 2019).

First, empathy is described as sensing the emotion of these around you. You can sense what they are feeling as  their feelings are your own. Intuitively you are capable to see the world thru their eyes and share their perspective (Gallup,Inc., 2019). Where others grapple for words, I appear to find the proper words and the proper tone. I trust I use empathy currently with my job. I locate the proper phrases to express their feelings-to themselves as nicely as to others.

An effortless way to summarize empathy is by, standing in any individual else’s shoes, feeling with their heart, seeing with their eyes. I work in a medical office with a doctor that is an Orthopaedic Oncologist and an Orthopaedic surgeon. So, I have to have empathy with the patients that find out they have bone cancer or that are going to need surgery. I have set in a patient room and cried with the patients and their families and spoke positive words to these patients that may have to fight the battle of the evil disease, cancer.

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The medical field is a very empathetic field of work. The patients just need someone to be able to cry and understand them. Also, if I take a leadership position in the future I will need to use empathy with the employees, not sympathy. People get empathy and sympathy confused. Sympathy is more feeling pity or sorrow for someone else’s misfortune. I want employees to be able to feel comfortable with me to come and talk to me about anything that is bothering them and I want them to understand that I understand their emotions and their thoughts.

Second, harmony is described as the way of someone to look for consensus and seek agreement. They look for areas of agreement. In my view there is little to be received from conflict and friction. When I recognize that the people around me hold differing views, I try to locate the frequent ground. I attempt to steer them away from the war of words and towards harmony (Gallup, Inc., 2019). This strength applies to me presently by way of attempting to be the mediator between disagreement and work to minimize arguments before they even occur.

At home I am constantly the one  who attempts to understand others’ factors of view in an effort to minimize fighting from occurring. I use this with my three children when they have disagreements; I am usually the peace maker of the household. I am the one that makes reasoning in the argument or disagreement. In the future I envision the usage of harmony in my future intention is working nicely with others in particular in teams. Much of engineering and many everyday things to do require team work between individuals, and my future desires align with my energy because harmony is classified as ‘relationship’ strength. Therefore harmony will help me to apprehend others and deliver carious talents collectively to make a group higher than the solar of its part. In the future, I can use the harmony strength to build a network of people with differing perspectives on whom I can count when I want expertise. My openness to these differing perspectives will assist me to analyze and turn out to be tremendous in a leadership role.

Third, the developer described is people that affirm that everyone has potential and can grow and thrive also, helping people identify their potential for growth and encouraging further growth. When an individual with developer strength has interaction with others, their aim is to assist them in experience to success and looks for methods to project them (Gallup, Inc, 2020). This strength, I use currently in my life by encouraging my children to see the potential in themselves. I know as parents we are supposed to encourage our children, but, I know personally my mother hardly ever encouraged me due to her busy everyday life. I know she has seen the potential in me but, she never showed it or she never knew how to show it towards others. Now after taking the assessment I realize not every person can help another person and challenge them. I plan to use this strength in the future by always being the person my children come to because I am that person that they can talk to and know that I will challenge them and help them experience  success and self-worth. I will use this strength in the work place by being in a leadership position, I will encourage the employees that they have the potential to grow. I will have an open door policy that absolutely everyone can come to talk to me and I will usually motivate an individual.

Fourth, includer is described as being, ‘stretch the circle wider’ (Gallup, Inc., 2019). The person that has this strength is one that wishes an individual to experience the warmth of the group. They are an accepting individual and overlook the nationality or character or belief of someone, they are not a judgmental person. (Gallup, inc, 2019). I choose to include people and make them feel part of the group. I desire to extend the group so that as many people as possible can benefit from its support. I do not like when a person feels like they are on the out searching to look in, I desire to draw them in so they feel like they are a section of the group. I currently, use this strength by including people at work. As a busy Orthopaedic office my peers and I seem to lose track of being a group and working as a team. So, I have noticed that I am always the one that includes others in a lunch outing or even after work dinner.

Being an individual that is an includer has helped in the past by always welcoming the new employees into the work group. I hope to continue this strength in the future by means of constantly which includes people and not being a ‘snob”. Next I want to always be classified as, ‘people person’. This is one strength I never want to lose. I want people to feel like they are always included and I do not ever want anyone to feel unwanted in a group.

Fifth, belief is described as that indicates that a person has deeply held beliefs that are true, unchanging, dependable and structured. A person with this strength is described to be easy to trust. It is described also as finding work that meshes with your values. Your work must mean something to you for it to matter to you (Gallup, Inc., 2019). This is the one strength I do not understand how is one of my top five strengths. But, when I think of beliefs I think of religious values. After, reading more into the strength belief it isn’t just religious belief it can be family values, work values, or just any value of anything you hold dear to you. I think that value of my work and family ordinated would be examples of my beliefs because I was working a job that was paying more but, I had to work 12 hour shifts and weekends.

Also, working these shifts was causing me to miss my children’s sporting events and family dinners plus, I just didn’t like that type of work. I decided after praying and discussing with my husband to go back to the doctor’s office and work where I enjoyed the patients and my work family relationships. I may not have earned as much going back to the office work from working in the hospital but, I love to have my family time and also, I love the people I work with. I believe this is a belief of mine. I will use this strength in the future by my beliefs is family first and no money is worth being unhappy. So, even though I make less now I am way happier and not missing my children’s lives.

Five other strengths from the Strengths Quest list that I would like to possess are: communication, discipline, restorative, responsibility, and consistency. First, I would like to possess communication because I feel that communication is not a strong strength of mine. I am very uncomfortable in speaking in front of an audience or a big group. I feel that my grammar is very weak and I ramble on with non-sense. I hope to learn to communicate better. Communication is a great strength to have. You have to communicate within a job and outside of the workplace. The second strength I would like to gain is discipline because I would like to be self-discipline by making list, being organized and having a plan for a task. I am not disciplined now, I am a procrastinator or I will not get the work done one time. The third strength is restorative meaning solving problems. I want to gain this strength due to I like to think now that problems can just solve themselves in some cases. I am not confident enough to solve problems and in the future I’m going to need to be able to solve my problems and others if I want a leadership role.

Fourth, is a responsibility which means being held to blame for my outcomes and to do each activity on time and correctly, I want to possess this strength due to the fact in the future I prefer to be in a leadership position and I want to show my future employees that I can take ownership in what I do and try to supply the best reliability and accuracy that I can. Finally, consistency is a strength that I want to gain I want to treat people the same, no matter who they are related to, or their life situation. Being in a leadership position I will have to treat everyone the same and be fair.

In conclusion

After taking the Strength Quest assessment I found that learning about my top five strengths and other strengths has been quite interesting. The evaluation end result are very suitable in describing my personality, and therefore I have understood myself better. I hope to focus on my strengths and maximize them in a way that is each healthy and productive so that I, as well as others, can gain from the strengths that I possess.


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