The Worst Day of My Life: Finding My Grandfather after He Had a Stroke and Calling the Ambulance

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Standing outside the hospital room, I could hear the voices of the nursing talking to my parents and my grandmother. At that moment I thought everything was getting better but I was interrupted with my mother coming out of the room crying. I had not prepared for this what seems to be the perfect day, ended up being the worst day of my life Most eleven-year»old girls, don’t usually call 911 because their grandfather wouldn’t wake up. Everyday he would fall asleep in his chair watching tv, although this night was different.

It had been ten o‘clock and he is usually in bed by nine as I walked toward him I didn’t hear the snoring I heard every other night. As I tapped his head he felt cold and clammy, I quietly said, “grandpa it‘s getting late” getting louder and louder each time I repeated myself. I got no response. I quickly ran to wake my grandmother, my mother, father and brothers.

While everyone was scurrying around the house like mice I picked up the phone and dialed 911 like my school and family had always told me to do in an emergency. Although I was never told what to say to whoever picked up the phone, the operator told me to just stay on the phone help was on its way. He was taken to the hospital, with the grandmother and the rest of us stayed home, but we were told we could go up in the morning.

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The night I could not sleep, I laid awake crying, blaming myself for what happened, I told myself that I should of woken him up early, I shouldn’t of let him fall asleep ljust didn’t understand why this happened to our family. The next morning we arrived at the hospital as early as we could. When we got there the doctor who performed tests told my mother that he had had a stroke. Now I was only eleven and I wasn’t sure what a stroke was but when I saw the condition he was in I knew it was nothing good.

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