My role model is my grandfather

In my life I have had very few role models. They have been mostly famous people I see in College Softball. Famous people like Cat Osterman and Jenni Finch, but what young lady hasn’t wanted to seemingly have pitched a no hitter or had the greatest batting average? But as you grow older and mature you soon realize that more than just famous people can be role models to you. To me one of my role models is my grandfather, to me POPO.

Popo and I are a lot alike. My grandfather had life challenging experiences, so to begin to understand why I look up to my grandfather you will first have to learn about his past and where he is now.He went to school like everyone else. Every week he went to church on Wednesdays and Sundays. His mom and dad struggled to support him by working several jobs, although when he needed them they were there to support him.

Especially when he graduated high school and he was drafted to the ARMY. Through high school my grandfather played sports and hung out with a variety of people. These people weren’t always good role models, some of them were the worst people on living Earth. He was an average student who had the ability to do more in life, he loved to draw.Growing up in the poor he felt rich because his mom made sure that they had what they needed. All the while he was doing this he continued to go to church and pretend everything was fine.

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Eventually Popo graduated and was drafted to the Army. My grandfather sets great examples, a person who is willing to strive for success, so my grandfather is the perfect person for this role. In everything he does he puts his whole heart into it. Even if it seems impossible, he quotes “Nothing is Impossible, unless you make it impossible,” I reflect to this quote when I am in doubt.He is filled with wisdom and beyond, he may not have all the words to say, but his actions have a great impact on me. In so many ways I am just like my PoPo, he has been through so much in his life and still finds a way to keep thriving for better. My grandfather is a Vietnam Veteran and he holds so much inside, and that is what I have in common with him, I like to keep my thoughts inside. My grandfather is a very subtle and caring person, and with all his life challenging experiences it has made him what he is today, and I am so proud to say that I have learned to be independent, to make the best of everything.

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