My Hero - My Grandfather

My hero is my grandfather. My grandfather has done some amazing things with his life. He was in World War 2. He was also the superintendent of puplic schools here in New Bedford. My grandfather is surely my hero. My grandfather’s name is Mike Rodriquez. He was born in a small portugesse town located in the Azoraes. Then when he was eight years old him and his family moved to New Bedford. His childhood was very good- his father owned a grocery store.

When he was around eightenn enlisted in the U.S. army. When he was 19, he was sent to Poland on duty. His brother was sent to Germany. Within a few months my grandfather got word that his brother had been shot and killed. My grandfather has the purple heart that his brother earned which he will treasure forever. My grandfather was very smart.

My grandfather’s time was over in the army and he moves back to New Bedford with his parents.

He wanted to go to collage which the army would pay for. He went to Brown University to get his teachers digree. Then when he was done he was a ceritfied teacher. He had many jobs all over the city. My grandfather worked here at Normandin Jr. High. He was also at one time the principal at Keith Jr. High. Then from there he moved on to the principal fo New Bedford High. Next a contractur and my grandfather dexinged the new New Bedford High. My grandfathers last job was Superintendent of all public schools in New Bedfod.

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