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My Hero – My Grandfather
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My hero is my grandfather. My grandfather has done some amazing things with his life. He was in World War 2. He was also the superintendent of puplic schools here in New Bedford. My grandfather is surely my hero. My grandfather's name is Mike Rodriquez. He was born in a small portugesse town located in the Azoraes. Then when he was eight years old him and his family moved to New Bedford. His childhood was very good- his father owned…...
GrandfatherHeroMy Hero
Why I love my grandfather
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What is like to see yourself old at the age of ninety, wrinkly skin, unaligned thumbs, still with hair on your head, with those sky clear blue eyes of yours. Gravity is winning your battle. I remember when you used to stand straight. You used to give me kisses and I hated it because your beard felt like needles stabbing my cheeks. You thought it was funny how much I complained about your beard that you would rub your face…...
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Why I love my grandfather
...I remember you would put some Cacique (alcohol) in my arroz con leche, so that I could see what it was like. I remember every time you saw a beautiful woman pass by the house (the rate at which people in general walk by is super small, imagine countr...
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