Being obease is one the worst things in the world it not

Being obease is one the worst things in the world it not only puts a bad figure in the society but also is the root of all diseases including major one like heart attack diabetes and many more the only question one have in mind is that how can one decrease his weight and make oneself healthy without workout? Well here is good news for people worried about that their health that vegetables can also decrease ones weight in addition to keeping the body healthy vegetables and fruits are rich in nutrition and minrals and it increase body metabolism and can keep body healthy

Vegetables that decrease weight

Different vegetables foods have different effect on the depending on which the metabolism of the body is controlled some contain high colestroll while others can make body fat lower among some of them are given below

? Spinach And Other Leafy Greens.

?Mushrooms. …

?Cauliflower And Broccoli. …

?Chillies. …

?Pumpkin. …

?Carrots. …

?Beans. …


?Whole eggs


Whole eggs

Whole eggs was onces fered for high cholestrol and thought that they can have pretty much negetive effecs on the body however after the new research shows that it is not true it does not have any negative effect on the body rather than that it decrease one weight and have high protien and rich in calaroies thus can help one to regulate muscle development

Leafy green vegetables

Other leafy green vegetables like sinach and any others have high chance of decreaseing one weight these vegetables are entirely loaded with nutritions and hve low amount of fibre and cholestrol the studies showed that many of them can even have have fat burning capabilities perhaps it is the best way to increse one volume of eating with low cholestrol

Leaf mustard vegetables

Leaf mustard vegetables like broculli cabbage coniflower belog to this catagoury not only they are high in fibre but they also are hgh in protien and fiber they have a high concentration of vitimin C too the part of high protien fiber and vitimin C help in muscle development and too lose weight


Mushrooms is one of the most populr ingredient of the food liked by all kinds of people in the world they come in various shapes and sizes and have a high concentration of glucose and fiber fiber is oneof the most essential thing for lower fat plus it is a bonus that it can increase one glouse level to maximum


Carrots are one of the most famous vegetables and it is most common food amoung people Carrots are high in vitimin A and it is way better than taking a suppliments the rumeros has it that half a carrot can contain about30 calouries and it is good for eyes too

Bolied potatoes

There are rumers that potatoes can increase your weight making you obese but it is not nessary true the resurch shows that boiled potates are high in nutrients they relly have a high range of minrals in it and can make body fit espieesly boiled potatoes have low cholestrol they are high in potassium and could control blood pressure to some extend


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Being obease is one the worst things in the world it not
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