The Social Impact of Technology on the Real Meaning of Friendship

Imagine if you have a friend online that chat’s with you every day but they stay on online for almost 40 or more that is compared to the people who work per week. Some people say technology is destroying friendship and other say that they can build up friendships because the teens are spending more time on the social media. Technology is destroying our friendship because teens are confronting the screen too much time when they hang out with there friends One way technology is killing friendships is because we don‘t spend enough time together in a person For example, in Arizona I had a friend and we planned to go camps to talk but what we all did was just play on our phones for almost a day we stayed.

Another way is that friends online aren’t always genuine friendships because I have 100 friends in facebook but I have 10 or 20 that are talking to me and they are likely to me my genuine friends but others are saying many bad words and what they want to say to me all day.

Finally, even if kids are together they are interacting with phones not each other for example 1 see lots of kids coming to the park and what they do is take their phones out first before they just put one feet on the ground and their talking by texting on their social media, However, some people think technology is bringing closer together friends because you can connects more often which makes relationship more strongeri Even if its’ true but you can’t see them in the real life like in front of you to talk and socialize.

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Also, you need to meet them often to make relationship with you and all of your family members to show who they are. In conclusion, the technology is killing relationships because online friends aren’t always nice to you for example they could bully you and when they do that you could be in a big war fight. Also, do not make friends on any social media without knowing them before some things could happen to you and any person elsei Another, thing is that fake friends are like shadows but they follow you in the sun but leave you in the dark. What will you do if this happens to you?

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