Forbidden love and friendship are an unconditional connection

Forbidden love and friendship are an unconditional connection between two people. This significant connection can symbolize the love that is thought of as wrong or unethical. For example. Homosexuality, or incest. Forbidden love can be portrayed in the films Titanic, by James Cameron, Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrmann, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne, and The Notebook by Nick Cassavetes.

In the film Titanic, we find parents standing in the way of true love between the young couple, Jack and Rose.

To put it fairly, Rose and her parents are complete snobs with a posh upbringing, Jack, on the other hand, is a poor guy that is always willing to have fun. Rose’s mother sees Jack as a major threat to Rose and her upcoming marriage with her fianc?, Cal Hockley. Rose admires Jack as he comes from a poor lifestyle and ends up falling in love with him because he is a pure gentleman. The quote “I’ll never let go, Jack.

I promise.” Refers to when the first met on the titanic. She keeps that promise to keep their love glued together even though, Roses parents think otherwise. This quote will always make my heart ache because Rose’s mother prevented Jack and Rose from being together.

In Romeo and Juliet, directed by Baz Luhrmann. There are many examples of the significant connection of forbidden love. This quote refers to when Juliet first meets Romeo when she discovers that he is a Montague: “My only love sprung from my own hate! Too early to see unknown and known too late!” Forbidden love was the main part of this film because Romeo and Juliet’s love were forbidden to happen due to Juliet being a Capulet who is, however, an enemy to a Montague (Romeo).

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This film can relate to Titanic where jack and rose are deeply in love, but Roses mother forbids her to date a poor/un wealthy man which is like Romeo (a Montague) with his lover’s parents’ enemy, (Capulets). Keeps both two from falling in love. These two texts are also similar because Juliet and Rose have two unwanted Fianc?s.

The notebook portrays the forbidden love theme through all my texts. An example in Titanic, Allie gets engaged with a wealthy man, but ends up finding herself back with Noah(her long last lover). .In the film, the boy in the striped pajamas, Shmuel and Bruno captures the theme of forbidden friendship. The loving friendship between these two evolves throughout the film. Bruno and Shmuel are young are two young innocent boys who don’t realize why there is a barbed fence between them. Shmuel is a Jew and Bruno is a son of a German (Nazi) soldier. Shmuel is forced to be put into a concentration camp because he is a Jew (enemy of the German government and society). The world (during WWII) saw them as a bad representation of society and media. Bruno doesn’t know that Shmuel and himself are enemies and fortunately end up building a strong connection.

Bruno held on with Shmuel for comfort because they had limited time together. In the quote: “We’re not supposed to be friends, you and me. We’re meant to be enemies. Did you know that?” it symbolizes the loving relationship between these two and how this did not stop them from being friends. This can relate to the story; The Notebook Allie and Noah fall deeply in love while Allie knows that her parents don’t approve of her marrying and un wealthy man. Symbolizing Nazis against Jews. This shows a clear example of the significant connection of forbidden love.

I believe that forbidden love is a popular theme in books, movies, and poems. There are so many texts and examples to choose from to support this connection. There are boundaries between teenagers and dating. Parents and society keep most people from falling in love with each other which causes it to be forbidden. In the texts Romeo and Juliet, the boy in the striped pajamas, the notebook and Titanic we understand that they perfectly portray forbidden love.

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Forbidden love and friendship are an unconditional connection
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