Hector and the miracle of friendship of François Lelord Review

Franois Lelords new novel “Hector and the miracle of friendship” in comparison with its previous “Hector” novels a bit verndertes exhibition concept. As usual, he has a philosophical issue – here: friendship. However, he does not judge his thoughts more to his son Hector, but exchanges views with his wife Clara. She sends him a letter and refers to the different ways of looking at Aristotle on “friendship”. And is totally new that the author’s psychologist Hector involved in a criminalistic adventure.

One day gets Hector in his practice in Paris attending an Asian police officer, Lieutenant Ardanarinja. She wants to question him about a man named douard who had “stolen tchtigen chunk of coal” one. douard but Hector’s friend, his very best buddy who has zurckgezogen in a monastery in Tibet, and said Hector does not see the slightest reason to betray him or anything to pass the information to the lady.

Instead, he travels himself to China to do research – not realizing is that a tracker on his heels depends.

Hector turns to Jean-Michel, a common school friend, the terminally ill in a hospital for there under primitive conditions people work. To ensure the supply of which are doctors on donations. Recently, she received a large check from a bank. . Possibly infected their mutual friend douard, was the long time bankers behind it … I’m really curious to see how the story continues

An old habit has maintained Hector: He writes his observations and findings (eg about people’s behavior with each other) on in numbered lists.

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That filled me; it keeps mentally occupied, deals with the pointed statements

Observation No. 1:.. Your friendships are your health


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Hector and the miracle of friendship of François Lelord Review
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