Priam and Hector

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What are the specific reasons that Andromeda gives to dissuade her husband from fighting? Andromeda told her husband that there might be a possibility that he will die during his battle with Achilles and if that happens their son will grow up without a father, In order to dissuade Hector from fighting. 2. What reason does Hector give to explain why he has to go out of the city when Troy Is well-foreteller and safe within? It Is because he want to give his country honor In fighting fair and square with the

Sparta and to protect his family.

3. What are his (Hector) concerns for the future of his wife and child? He wanted them to be happy and live a life without getting involved in any wars. 4. What details show great love between Hector and Andromeda? When Andromeda tried to stop Hector In fighting Achilles, because In that scene even though Andromeda doesn’t agree with his husband decision In facing Achilles she still respected her husband’s decision.

5. What suffering had Achilles caused the family of Andromeda? It is the suffering of losing a husband and a father to a child. Which side do you want to win the war? Why? The Troy because even though It Is true that the Troy had wronged Sparta in bringing Helen with them it is not right to start a war It can still be fix In negotiating properly. And because Sparta doesn’t treat women well they just use them for their own pleasure.

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—– 7. “A Greek cannot be trusted even if he brings gifts” What does this remark mean in the light of our society today? Do you agree with the remark or not? Explain. It only means that we can’t trust someone who we don’t know very well.

He/ he might be acting, doing or showing goodness to his/her friends but It doesn’t mean that he/she will be Like that all the time. Remember that our moods can change at any time and we can hurt anyone when we become mad. I agree with It because It is true and is happening in real life. 8. What misfortune did Andromeda suffer from Achilles? She suffer so much longing for his husband because he killed it brutally. It isn’t easy for a mother to lose her husband specially that they have a young son. 9. Why was it dangerous for King Prima to ransom the body of Hector?

It Is because Achilles brought his dead body to the Troy and It will be very dangerous for him to get there but because of his great love for his son, he went there safely and approached Achilles. 10. Describe how different are the Greek funeral rites from what is done in our country. They done it through putting a coin in a dead man’s closed eyes and burning them into ashes because it is their tradition while nowadays or in our country is done through a several prayer, mass and putting the dead body inside the coffin and bury them to ground .

Why Andromeda Is called Hectors “precious welted:’ Menthol 3 things Tanat would make a woman precious. Seen Is called n “precious wife” because Hector loves her so much and he treats her the way a woman should be treated. A Godly woman is far more precious than rubies. Women since birth are already precious because they came from their mother’s womb and they can bear a child. A woman who’s done so much bad things is still precious for there is always a reason why she has done it. Being yourself makes you precious because you appreciate, use and accept what God has given to you.

Your good personality and your uniqueness as a woman makes you precious also. 12. Do you believe that suffering unites people and prosperity divides them? Yes because every man suffers from different situations and we can’t handle it without God and with the help of a friend. With that, they will help each other and they can strive to find their peace. 13. How does a funeral unite people? They become united through the man who died because of his friends and loved ones. They will gather together in the day that the man will be buried (In our country) or will be burned (Greek).

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