Why Achilles is a Better Hero Than Hector in the Movie Troy

A hero is someone who is brave, loyal, courageous, compassionate, and considerate. A hero is someone who is not afraid to take charge for something they believe in. Heroes respect one another. They fight for what’s right; they defend their people and country. Heroes should be able to understand another’s tragedy, or loss. In the movie Troy, there are two heroes Hector and Achilles. Hector and Achilles are both great heroes but one is a better hero than the other.

The hero of Troy is Achilles because he is brave, courageous, and he transforms from his experiences.

Achilles is the hero of Troy because he is brave. Achilles fights everyone, not caring their height, shape, or whatever else. Knowing that he wouldn’t come back for the war in Troy, he goes and fights in the war anyway. Achilles doesn’t fear anyone even the kings. When Achilles fought the Thessolonian, he was a big guy but Achilles beat him.

Then he said, “Is there no one else? Is there no one else? !” What Achilles said was not the brightest but it was brave. Achilles fights for what he wants and he is not afraid to say what he wants to say. Achilles may be rude when he tells King Agamemnon that he is a sack of wine but also no one would have the courage to even say something like that to a king. Also, when Prescias was going to kill Achilles, Achilles didn’t stop her. Achilles told Prescais to kill him because the madness would end.

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Achilles is a brave soldier, and hero.

Achilles is the hero of Troy because he transforms from his experiences. When heroes go off on their journeys, they experience traumatic things that can change them for the better. Heroes will change the way they look at things and themselves. When Achilles talks to Prescais and King Priam, he winds up sharing stuff and talking about things he has never realized before. Achilles tells Prescais that “At night I see their faces. All the men I’ve killed. They’re standing thereon the far bank of the river Styx. They’re waiting for me. They say, Welcome, Brother.” Achilles may kill many people at war but that doesn’t mean he is not upset about it. When King Priam comes to the Greek camp to get Hector back, he takes

Prescais too. Achilles tells Prescias that “ You are free. If I hurt, it’s not what I wanted.” Achilles becomes more kind-hearted especially to Prescais. Achilles protected the ones he loves like his cousin Patroclus so that was why Achilles got really upset when Patroclus died. Achilles ends up changing for the better because he risked his life inside a wooden horse to make sure that Prescais was safe. Achilles transforms into a better person from the traumatic experiences he had, which makes him a hero.

Achilles is the hero of Troy. Some people might say that Hector is the hero of Troy because he is brave, loyal, honorable, compassionate, and he defends his country, women, and the gods. Hector lived his whole life by that it code and doesn’t really change through the experiences he faced. Achilles is the hero not Hector because Achilles transforms in to someone better. A hero is supposed to be someone who changes due to experiences they faced and see what they have done and caused. Achilles may not have realized what he caused when he killed men but he ends up realizing that what he does is not right. Achilles ends up being compassionate and considerate. Achilles gave the Trojans a number of days of peace for the death of Hector. Achilles risked his life to save Prescias. Achilles changes into a kind hearted, considerate, brave, loyal, and hononarable hero.

The movie Troy is about a feud between the Greeks and Trojans. This feud is known as the Trojan War. Two people come out as heroes. These two people are Hector and Achilles. Hector is an honorable, brave, and loyal man but Achilles is the hero. Achilles may be self- centered and prideful but he transforms in to a better person. He transforms in to someone who is honorable, considerate, brave, and loyal. In the movie Troy, Achilles is the better hero.

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