Miracle Movie Characters and Plot Analysis

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The film is pretty easy to follow and has many breathtaking moments, s long as you enjoy sports. When the US hockey program Is falling to be at Its best, Coach Herb Brooks Is brought in to give the team some direction. Coach Brooks lost his shot at beating the number one team in the world before, and he knows that this could be his last chance.

When Coach Brooks chooses his perfect team of hockey players from all around the country, they seem to be in dire need of some discipline. Many of the boys are more interested In settling old rivalries rather than working together to become a team.

Herb pushes the boys to the Max until the entire team wants to feat the Intimidating Soviets Just as much as he does.

The team practically becomes family as they prepare towards playing the most important hockey game of their lives. In the final moments of the Olympic Games, the film becomes a suspense filled seat clenches. The miracle on ice gave the country hope in a time when it needed it most. The film did a great Job portraying the true story of the US Olympic hockey team in 1980. It showed what was going on at the time In history and how It was affecting everyone.

Means Used to Make the Movie More Convincing

Despite the war going on, the movie stays focused on he amazing talent of the two hockey teams and doesn’t make the movie too politically focused as the two teams compete for the gold medal.

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The united States hockey team that was chosen was full of talented hockey players who know the game well. The movie seems to show Coach Brooks focusing more on training their attitudes off the ice rather than training them on ice for the game. He obviously is an amazing coach on the Ice, however, the movie wanted the audience to see Just how Important It was to really be a team and know what It takes to win the game.

The USIA in the movie really helped suit the setting. Showing how close the team had grown, they celebrated Christmas together. The film played songs such as “White Christmas” and “Rocking ‘Round the Christmas Tree”. The movie plays a variety of classical musical instrument tunes. These types of songs are great to emphasize how the team is doing in the game. The music is fast paced and has very low and very high parts which make watching the game more Interesting. The closing credits played the song “Dream On” by Aerostatic. This song Is a perfect song, and makes o feel the happiness that the team is experiencing after their big win.

Not just the happiness of winning, but for conquering something that no one believed was possible. It includes the amazing line, “Dream until your dreams come true”. This is a perfect song to conclude the movie. As the film is a true story, the writers of the film could not leave out the history taking place outside of the Olympics. The country was at war Witt ten soviet Nylon won also napes to nave ten world’s greatest hockey team. The background history seemed to make the film more homeland as it showed how much the country needed a win in the Olympics to give the country a chance to believe again.

However, the history can be considered a downside as well seeing as much of the targeted audience was not born in this time period and may not be interested in the Cold War. The film seems to be targeted at the audience of young boys and young men who dream of becoming hockey stars as well as chasing their dreams. The film may be a bit on the boring side for the younger viewers. Besides fans of hockey, it is difficult to determine if the movie loud be interesting to the general public.

The hockey players in the movie are all advanced hockey players who were brought in to beat the best team in the world. The games that take place in the movie move very fast leaving no room for learning. However, knowing the story and the hard work leading up to the game may be enough to captivate the viewer, whether they are familiar with the game or not. The director of Miracle, Gavin O’Connor puts a lot of emphasize on the character of Coach Brooks. The team may have been playing the game, but the film did an amazing Job wowing the effort and strength that Coach Brooks had to make it all possible.

Portrayal of Main Characters

Kurt Russell did an amazing Job portraying the main character Herb Brooks. Coach Brooks knew Just what to do to get the team at their A game level, even if it meant torture. His determined and aggressive attitude could not have been played out any better than it was. Although the boys of the hockey team are not very recognized faces, they portray the correct personalities of any hockey player ready for the Olympics. Watching the boys on their Journey from day one leading up to the Olympics proves he story to be that much more inspiring.

The newly team of boys were going to be playing the Soviets who had been playing together for 10 years. It was time for the 20 men from around the country to become one. For anyone who watches the film that has been part of a team, they may recognize the feeling of the classic team bonding. The film was a very captivating story that could inspire anyone to go after their dreams. The movie Miracle is an all around great film for people who love hockey. However, it is not too hard to follow for someone who is unfamiliar with the name, and could even turn out to be a favorite film.

Kurt Russell did an amazing Job acting the role of Coach Herb Brooks. While there was a lot of history taking place as far as the Cold War, the film could turn out be a bore for some of the younger crowds. This is an amazing film for any aspiring hockey players as well as an all around great film for Just about any age group who has somewhat of an interest in hockey. Watching the unbelievable story of the US hockey team in 1980 is exciting and inspiring. It is a story that relives its beauty as you watch it from your television screen.

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Miracle Movie Characters and Plot Analysis
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