What Is Meant By Miracle Healing Miracles


Christians today make of the miracle stories in the bible as influencing stories. They mainly market these stories and tell them to others or preach. The stories were read to uneducated people in a way that they could influence them to see the good in believing in God. One is when a group of demons asked Jesus if they could cast out their evil spirits into a nearby herd of pigs. The pig farmers were incensed and angry with Jesus because when the spirits entered the pigs, they all jumped of the cliff.

This all makes sense if the miracle was legitimate.

If Jesus was just helping someone deal with psychosis, let’s say, why did the pigs all jump off the cliff? Each miracle has its own significance. Many are comparable to today’s miracles, and are very encouraging to people who have illness or suffering, as they can provide faith and allow people to stay positive believing that they have hope.

Miracles only happen to those who have faith in God and who believe. They use the miracle stories as part of their worship by reminding God how great he is and what he has done for them and to thank him.

Also this gives them a reason to stay in faith. If they ever have any doubt they can recall the miracles and see how great and powerful God is. Christians today can learn a great deal from miracles. They learn how important their faith is in God.

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Miracles happen anywhere. They can happen to anyone as long as there is faith, it can happen everywhere and they happen because God wants us to be fit for the kingdom. Christians can learn from this, that miracles happen to people who need them, to people who believe in him, and to people who have sinned, confessed, and apologise.

They do not happen to people who have no or little faith, who question God, or who ask things of him in a selfish way. Miracles teach us that Jesus helps all kinds of people who need him. For example: the healing of the leper teaches us that we must follow Jesus’ teaching and his examples. We must reach out to those who are at the edge of society either by sickness or reputation. Another example is the story of the Centurion. This story shows how the faith of the Centurion saved his servants life as Jesus healed him. What is Forgiveness? What does it mean? Why is this a difficult concept?

First, I must establish that Forgiveness is a process. There is no time frame. Each person will work through the process at his or her own pace. There is no magical saying or act that will produce instant results. What are your “words” for forgiveness? What do you feel when someone talks about forgiveness? What I have noticed is that the words for someone not able to forgive are about pain. The words about forgiveness are about healing, release and joy. Some consider forgiveness to be a miracle. Forgiveness is very important in life and miracles happen because God forgives those who have sinned.

Miracles help inform Christians about Jesus and that he is the son of God. He is the one who lead people and brought them to forgive the sins of others. Miracles are proof to everybody that God exists and how powerful he is. Jesus performed many miracles, for example Turning Water to Wine: John 2:1-11. Jesus turned all the water into wine at a wedding. He is able to do this, because people believe in him, as without faith miracles cannot happen. Some churches hold healing services today. These are miraculous as they help people coping with sickness.

Even if there is not enough power to heal the person or they have not confessed their sins, the thought of having God with them by their side is very comforting for those with terminal illnesses. Healing services help support people and comfort them, so yes they are miraculous services. God can save people’s lives and cure them, (even if it is just by making them believe they will get through whatever the problem is) and this gives them comfort. The Holy Spirit is one of the three persons of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For many of us, this is a difficult concept to grasp.

The Bible declares that there is only one living God, yet we learn from scripture that He comprises three separate personages. One way to partially visualize this notion is to examine the nature of water (H2O). Water is a single compound that can exist in three states – liquid, ice and vapor. An egg is another picture. It is comprised of the white, the yolk and the shell, yet it is still one egg. Of course, by no means do these examples paint a complete picture of our God, but they are illustrative of the fact that His three “persons” in no way invalidate His oneness.

As God consists of 3 elements he is very powerful, and this is why he is able to perform such miraculous events as he does. Present day miracles may not be very obvious but they consist of things such as, the healing of sickness, speaking in tongues and exorcisms. Other miracles are not obvious at all; they may be things such as rain following drought or people being able to cope after a horrific natural disaster. Many things are miracles because of people’s strong belief in God. Today, people have access to bibles, as well as encyclopaedias.

Over six million trained Christians are assisting others to gain divine knowledge based on the Bible. Thus, miracles are no longer always necessary to attest to Jesus Christ as God’s appointed Deliverer or to provide proof that Jehovah is backing his servants. There are miracles everyday such as birth, life and life and death situations. It is a miracle that people are still getting along in this day and age. If God performed a miracle for everyone so as to prove his existence then there would be no point in Religion – Religion is based on faith which does not require proof and it is something you have to work on.

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What Is Meant By Miracle Healing Miracles
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