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Everyone has probably wondered once In their Lifetime about how life would have been with a disorder. Through this novel in the head of an autistic boy lives a child trying to express his emotions. The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by Mark Haddam.

Mark, the author of this astonishing novel describes how different life is like in an autistic child’s mind. This novel is written in a way that normal novels are not. There are diagrams, footnotes and metaphors these elements show the reader how Christopher struggles with autism.

Firstly, every author has Its specific style of approach to the audience, the way Mark has added diagrams in this novel to make it look like this is the way autistic kids write or describe it is very unusual.

While explaining the Journey of Christopher life, diagrams are something he uses daily. “First of all I made a plan of our street… Like this”(35). Len this diagram it shows a bird’s eye view of Christopher street. It states that Christopher uses diagrams to help him out on whatever he Is doing. So In this case Christopher Is going to go out and Investigate.

Themes In The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime

So to help himself out, he drew a map of his street.

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Autism can be serious for some people but they have their ways in helping themselves succeed. Such as Christopher uses diagrams. Novels usually explain their plans in a written description whereas in this novel or maybe in an autistic mind it shows illustrations which makes it unusual. Also, “a picture says a thousand words” the author uses these diagrams/pleasures which clearly shows a message of the situation. “And then I realized that there was nothing… And I made a picture of It In my head Like 30).

In this diagram It shows a mind map of what choices Christopher has to decide which place would be the safest for him. Most books have words and words and it gets boring, tiring and monotonous. The way Mark Haddam uses diagrams is interesting and no other novel uses this idea. It clearly explains the thinking and the struggle of life for the character. Secondly, each and every novel explains points or elaborates on them, Mark chose to do the same but with footnotes which makes It unusual. “A. Not talking to people for a long title. Once I did not talk to anyone for five weeks”(46). Novels are written in a way that makes things easier for the audience to read. In this novel Christopher likes to make everything detailed. He states points by elaborating on them more. This is probably because Christopher thinks that everyone notices details as well. He comes and states the points and adds a footnote so it is easier for the audience to understand. Also, the way the author, Mark Haddam writes about how an autistic person connote make a Judgment or decide on a simple situation, Is also unusual. People say that you have to tell the truth. But they do not mean this because you are not allowed to tell an old man that they are A normal or an non-autistic person will understand how to deal or what to do when they come in contact with an older person. If anyone comes into to contact and start a conversation with an older person and they state that “l have become old” no one would agree with them, but say “no, you are still young”. Mark has now come to a point In the novel where he be said because of autism.

Thirdly, although Christopher does not seem to understand metaphors they are still seen throughout the book. A metaphor is a direct comparison without using like or as. “We had a real pig of the day… ‘ think it should be called a lie because a pig is not like a day”(1 5). Mark Haddam uses metaphors in this novel but because Christopher is autistic he cannot understand the meaning of them like normal people do. Christopher thinks that a metaphors are lies and that they can never be true. This shows that the author, Mark the autistic minds of preserving metaphors.

Mark’s writing explains about how Christopher takes metaphors as what it is. By imagining n actual apple in someone’s eyes. Whereas, for non-autistic people they would think it as you are special. Another reason that makes this novel unusual with the use of metaphors was Christopher did not like his name. “My name is a metaphor, it means carrying Christ… It was the name given to SST. Christopher because he carried Jesus Christ across a river… But I do not want my name to mean a story”(16). Mark has a very unusual way to describe the name given to Christopher.

Due to autism Christopher does not understand that the story behind naming Christopher, Christopher which was actually nice and a proud feeling that you get named after such a good deed. Christopher takes metaphors the way they are meaning “what was his name before he carried Jesus Christ? ” Basically, the way an autistic mind takes things are not the correct meaning. Therefore, while reading and discovering how an autistic mind works, Mark Haddam has written this novel in an interesting way yet unusual. Such as when he uses diagrams, footnotes and metaphors.

Using diagrams, footnotes and metaphors s an interesting way Mark Haddam has shown the audience how an autistic child sees the world. Christopher uses diagrams as a navigator throughout his life. He likes to make everything detailed so it’s easier for the audience to understand his mind by using footnotes. And not knowing the real meaning of what a metaphor really means is not in the hands of an autistic child. The Curious Incident OF the Dog In The Night- Time by Mark Haddam illuminates a core of suffering through the narrowly focused novel in sights of a boy who has no words to describe emotional pain.

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We Had A Real Pig Of A Day Meaning
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