The Sirs Program For Student Studying

For many years student have been given the opportunity to gain new knowledge through sirs. Sirs is a great way for students to explore their interest and learn something new. The Sirs program was designed to teach up rising young adults responsibility, time management, and social skills. This is great for some students who have never been involved with any real adult problems. This project also molds teens into becoming young adults by making us conquer a fear of social anxiety and giving us a chance to make decision for ourselves.

Sirs also give students the chance to open up their mind and think of the bigger picture when planning for long term goals. Unlike most projects, Sirs gives students a personal choice on what they would like to do for the project which I liked a lot. This project also gives you the chance to go in depth on something you was interested in and gives you a chance to do some hands on learning about your particular subject.

Although sirs is a great thing for students it also has its downfalls. Because the project is so big and we had such little time before everything was due It started to become stressful. I believe that this project was meant to be informal and educating but also fun, but with such rushed up deadlines and time limits it started to become stressful and became just another project we had to get through. Another down fall with sirs is that I feel like it became to much paperwork.

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I think that certain things like the research paper essay and interview with a different person was kind of unnecessary. I only say this because you can read the article and tell how they fit in with your project and trying to find another person to interview and keep up with was hard. Overall I believe that sirs is good for students and preparing them for the real world.

Although everyone did a amazing job with presenting their projects, Austins’, Baileys And Marcus’ project stood out the most to me. What I liked about Austin’s project was that he created all his second components by hand. He also went in depth on how he made them and what different types of materials was used . What made this project really interesting is that the stuff he made actually moved like it would in movies or something you would buy in the store. Baylees project was my second favorite because she had really good stories to go with it. Most of the stories Baylee told how presenting were exciting and made me feel like I was in the car with her. I also liked the pictures and videos she included which made it really good. I also enjoyed Marcus project because he had videos to go with it. Most of the videos Marcus included in his power point were funny but informal. It really kept my attention how also learning new things about his bike making process.

My personal opinion with this project was I kind of liked it. It started off okay but then it slowly started to rub me wrong with all the extra papers and all the time you needed to put into it but it was all for a good reason. I personal think I would had enjoyed it alot better if I had more time to do it, but with me trying to go to school and working late shifts after school how trying to balance sirs made the project less enjoyable. I also had some issues with my mentor and trying to communicate with her because she was always busy so I had to figure out a lot of stuff on my own. Overall I did learn new thing about the career I’m trying to pursue after high school. Sirs really did help me with getting hands on experience in the nursing field. I liked that we could have our own personal choice with this project and got to learn new things. It really did help me learn what I will be experiencing after high school.

In conclusion sirs is a really great project for teaching students responsibility, time management, and social skills.This project and its requirements teachs students life lesson that most schools probably won’t be able to experience. I believe sirs is of great value and should continue to be used throughout the school years.

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