The Rights of the Nursing Home Residents During His or Her Residence

The article itself explains the rights that a nursing home resident has while they stay. The beginning informs the possible resident that the nursing home must explain their rights to them in a language understood by the potential resident and it must be in writing; along with the nursing homes expectations of the resident.

There are many rights the resident has which include: the right to be treated with respect, to participate in activities, to be free from discrimination, to be free from abuse and neglect, to be free from restraints of any kind, the right to receive proper medical care, and the right to make complaints without fear of any type of punishment.

The article also lists information regarding representative notification in case something were to happen such as an accident or medical complications or change of treatment. Along with information on services and fees and the right for the resident to manage their own money. Other subjects included for the resident that goes along with their rights is: Proper privacy, property, and living arrangements.

Spending time with visitors, social services, the right to leave the nursing home, protection against unfair transfer or discharge, participation in resident groups and the involvement of family and friends.

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