The Rewarding Experience of Community Service During My High School Career

Throughout my high school career] have taken part in many community service activities. Community service has been a very rewarding experience for me as a young student. When I first began, I felt as if it would be something that I wottld despise and wish to be over each day. That couldn’t have been further from the truth I have participated in many activities giving back to my community since the beginning of my high school career, I credit much of my work in the community for my development as a selfless, compassion, and open-minded young woman.

Giving back to my Community through Community service has allowed me to see people and this world in many different perspectives and has allowed me to grow as an individual In my first year of high school I visited many elderly people at the nursing home. I would spend time with them, talk with them and help out in any way I possibly could.

This experience changed my view of the elderly. Iwas uncomfortable at first, my mindset narrow, but as soon as I got to know many of the people who lived there I discovered they had so many valuable lessons to share and they were young once as well. Most people my age would rather not be bothered by the elderly. I was one of those people as well but just from spending time and talking wim them made me realize that many of them just appreciated having someone to talk to.

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The feeling I get when I know I’m making many people‘s day better and putting a smile on their faces is priceless. This year I am a senior in high school I completed most of my classes, therefore I was eligible for early dismissal. I didn’t know what to do with all of the time I would have now that I had early dismissal so I decided to volunteer in the lower grade level schools.

I didn’t know what to expect when I began volunteering with younger children. The younger children were really receptive of me and actually liked me a lot. They made me feel good because I was someone they looked up to and I had the ability to help them with anything they needed. At first I had my doubts about doing community service there because I am a very impatient person, especially when it comes to kids. I volunteered at the schools every day, and I actually looked forward to going I would help students with work they were struggling with. Most of my days I spent giving one on one instruction to students who otherwise wouldn’t get as much of the instructional attention that they needed working with younger students has been a very rewarding experience for me. One thing that I never knew about myself before volunteering with younger children is that I‘m very good at teaching younger children, and also that I enjoy it very much.

There is no better feeling than when I finally get through to a child who has struggled with a concept for a very long time and they finally understand with my help. My service to my community has empowered me as an individual. Just to know that, I can make such a great impact among others has given me the motivation and confidence to do even more great things. I believe that community service isn’tjust something that should end with high school. Taking part and volunteering teaches compassion and understanding I will continue to give back to my community throughout my life in one way or another. Community service is a way to increase social awareness and gain a global view of the world I know the importance of giving back. It has become a part of me. The growth that I have experienced as an individual and a leader from my experiences is something that I strongly value and I will continue to expose myself to new experiences and grow as an individual and a citizen in this world.

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