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“If it’s important to you, you will find a way, If not, you will find an excuse” Anonymous. The time was around 2:00 pm I barely remember the day but I do remember what I was doing: sending emails to different non-profit animal shelters. When all of a sudden our teacher, Mr. Escamilla, stood up from his chair and spoke to the class. “Who would like to do a video for a school in the district as their CSP?” he said.

Not many hands were raised but this was an opportunity handed right to me. I was one of the few students who responded to his question. Our teacher wrote our names down in a yellow sticky noter After that moment I knew I did not need to keep looking for anymore non—profit organizations nor keep sending emails because the video was going to become my community service project.

Making a video for a school was an incredible experience because I learned about a whole new school and a program that prepares students for college.

  Even though I had more of a chance of doing my community service at a public school, I still tried to contact some non-profit animal shelters I thought to myself that the reason I was so excited about this community service project was that I wanted to work with animals at a shelter but I just couldn’t find a shelter who would let a teenager volunteer there. Teachers started asking students if they were actually going to work on the video project because deadlines were coming up.

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There was just no answer of any of the many shelters I applied in I knew I had to take the opportunity on this video project.

Now the only thing left to do was to wait until the principal of our school, Msr Aviles, called us into her office, so we would be able to choose a school on which to base the video on. The day came and only 8 people showed up I remember this day like if it were just yesterday. We were at the principal’s office, and she was talking to us about how we were expected to create the video. “Who wants to do Nestor?” Msr Aviles said, From all the people there, almost everyone wanted to do Nestor. So, the principal decided to do a raffle. She placed 6 pieces of paper in a little basket. Only two of those papers had a star on them whoever got the lucky star would be producing the video for Nestor. My hands were literally shaking from anxiety. They were dripping in sweat as if I had just dipped them in water the basket was going around and all I could think was “What if I don’t get to do the Nestor video?

Then, what would I do?” Everyone pulled a paper and hold it in their hands It was all crumbled up in a little ballr “You may open your papers now” the principal said. I could not look. I opened the paper and my brain went blankr “What am I going to do now?”r If you haven‘t guessed by now, sadly I did not get the paper with the star, The girl sitting next to me and another girl sitting about two seats away from me got the paper with the stars They got to do Nestorr End: I had to choose to do a video with someone who had already chosen a school. So Ijust decided I would work with Ezequiel Reyes on producing a video for the school Howard Pence Elementary. I had no idea what the principal‘s name was nor where the school was located, 50 I googled itr The principal at Pence is called Bob Daily. Next thing to do; set up a meeting We had a meeting with principal Daily on a Friday at 3:00 pm.

When we arrived, he welcomed us to Pence Elementary and talked to us about the project Before we left, we scheduled another meeting to meet and start recording. For the process of recording, we had to go during school hours, because that is when there are teachers and students available. So we had to find a way to go during school hours over to Pence. In the beginning, we started off by emailing the teachers about the situations After that, we talked to Mr. Daily and got the dates and time to arrange our meetings. Therefore, we spoke to principal Aviles and got the permission slips and get them authorized by our parents, I remember the first day we went over to Pence Elementary to film It was Monday, December 14, 2015. It was before lunch, around 11:00 am. We heard on the classroom speaker “May I have Natalie Ramirez and Ezequiel Reyes up to the officer” On our first day at Pence we started interviewing about two or three teachers and a couple of students.

We went the next day again, it was a Wednesday and we filmed the secretaries, the RSP teachers, the coordinator and more people. We learned so much about the school in such little time, the experience of this community service has been life-changing. Pence Elementary has a program that is willing to give the kids the extra preparation to go off to college when they are ready, this project has changed me because I got to know a school I didn’t go to which offered students an extra opportunity of preparing them to go to college You have to remember that the kids today will be next generation in the future, and we all want them to be prepared with whatever challenge life brings to them.

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