The Oppression of Women in the Kite Runner, a Novel by Khaled Hosseini

In the past women had struggled with being treated equally like men, in many countries women couldn‘t have a job, or if they had a job they couldn’t get equal pay like men, they couldn’t vote, their opinions weren’t considered equal and, they had no say in anything It took many years and a lot of suffrage for woman to actually receive rights to do anything in the Us. Unfortunately for women in other countries such as Afghanistan, weren’t as fortunate to have their rights even today, In Afghan culture there are many differences between how they treat women and how they treat men even in modern times.

In the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, he not only depicts the struggle of two young boys in his novel but also the oppression that women face in Afghanistan. In the book Amir tells about how his father was a strong man and how he was popular with all the people I his neighborhood and, how everyone looked up to him and, respected him because he was a powerful and hardworking man, throughout the book it never mention how a woman was well known for her strength and hardworking qualities.

This is shown when Amir said “and she would bear the brunt of that poison, not me—I was fully aware of the afghan double standard that favored my gender” (Hosseini pg146). In this quote Amir is telling the reader of the apparent gender expectation of women in Afghan culture, no matter who is really to blame or who is really in the wrong of the situation women always carry the worst part of the blame and, the rumors are always about them and, how they are dishonoring their families or how they aren‘t respectable women which is probably rarely the case.

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In conclusion this one quote can pretty much sum up the treatment of women throughout the whole book, or even in real life, more so true than not. Women are oppressed by their own gender being other women but of older generation Tradition is mainly what oppresses women, since it has always been that way no matter how long it has been or how times have changed they will always be held back by their own tradition. I feel that even though they might want more for themselves they will never get it because, they won’t break tradition, even if they did, since they are used to it, they might find another way to be oppressed just because you grow accustomed to what you are use to.

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