Love and Loss in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Amir meets the love of his life and thinks everything will be perfect, little does he know that life doesn‘t like to be compared to a fairytale. Within this short amount of time from chapters 10-18 he starts to learn what that really means, There is nothing perfect about life and there isn’t always merriment and glee. Life is often filled with pain and suffering, there is rewards in life, but they never equal what you have lost on your way to said prize, These events definitely seem to change Amir for the better, Once he loses Baba and Hassan he really understands what life is like, and that you can‘t compare any of it to a children’s book.

Fairytales have a happy ending, the prince finds the princess and they live together in harmony For Amir he met his princess and felt that happy ever after, but through time he watched his big influences die. Baba was what made Amir, he was always under Baba’s wing and never considered his own person.

“Listening to them, I realized how much of who I was, what I was, had been defined by Baba and the marks he had left on people’s lives, My whole life, I had been Baba’s son”.

Without Baba, Amir was almost nothing, Baba was truly what made him, As time continues we see that Amir is slowly starting to take charge without Baba. Baba always tried to make Amir a man who stood up for what he believed in when he was alive, but the irony shows thatAmir learned this lesson better when his father was died then right in front of him trying to teach.

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Amir wants to right wrongs and stand up for what is right in honor of Baba, meaning he has changed for the better. Baba was Hassan’s father and kept it a secret in order to keep Ali happy. Amir makes himself better than what he once was because he isn‘t doing things for himself anymore. i think that this was one of the worst situations he could have learned that lesson in because he is risking his life when he has a family to take care of. When you look at the situation from both angles he could be a good person or selfish at the same time. On one hand he is helping his father and paying respect to his old friend by getting his son and taking him in, On the other hand he is extremely selfish by leaving his wife alone and risking his own life to help that child, His wife could lose her husband and be sulk over the lose never getting over him In a relationship like that risking your life could be considered selfish, but when you look at both sides there is a split difference that you need to understand when reviewing the topic.

When meeting with Rahirn Khan, Amir learns even more about his “way to be good again”(192)r Rahim explains to Amir that Hassan had left him a letter and photograph to give to show that Hassan still is a friend ofAmir’si Even after everything Hassan is still Amir’s friend and will always be. Amir is so happy to know this and is grateful that he was forgiven, since he has never forgiven himself for what he has done Later he finds out that a month or so later Hassan was killed. Knowing about the death of his friend moves Amir to become an even greater person in a sense. At first Amir still doesn’t want to grow up andjust accepts the fact that his friend was dead, Constantly thinking about how Hassan didn‘t need an apology so he obviously didn’t have to give one, but in reality that is the falsest assumption he could ever think up. Hassan needs Amir more than ever after his death as his son is in trouble with no help at all Regardless of whatAmir thinks, he owes Hassan his life and more. Thankfully he finally realizes this and gives that to him Hassan teaches him redemption and gives him the option to redeem.

Amir agrees to Rahim about helping Hassan and they figure out a plan together in order to get the job done. Amir learns about responsibility a bit more after every death, which is a terrible thing to say, but sadly it’s true. Amir finally understands a lecture once the teacher dies, and in that he has to reteach himself As seen with Baba, he was always under Baba’s wing and without him he had to be his own man. All of Baba‘s life was to try and make Amir grow as a man and stand up for what he believes in ”A boy who won’t stand up for himself becomes a man who can’t stand up to anything”, this was Baba‘s philosophy and he never thought otherwise. In Baba‘s eyes his son was soft, never stood up for himself or others If Baba knew the half of what his son was hiding I think he would have disowned Arnir. Amir’s entire life was him acting like a child, only doing things he wanted for his own selfish desires, and never putting himself in harm’s way to help anyone, Amir grasped the concept of standing up for others in Hassan‘s and Baba’s death) a while after it should have sunken into his head, but nevertheless he did learn it. Baba’s death taught him to be his own man as he was no longer under the wing of his father and had [0 make his new imprints on the ground.

While Hassan‘s death taught Amir loyalty and responsibility Amir owed Hassan his life and proved that he did by going to Kabul to find Sohrab. Amir was respectful of his faithful friend and explains to himself that what he is doing is the right thing to do. After all the lying, blaming, and destruction Amir has done to Hassan’s life he finally knows what he must do in order to “be good again”. In the end Amir has changed for the better. From the two deaths he has become an adult and now knows what people were trying to teach him his entire life, Amir is willing to risk his life for an old friend, he is willing to stand up for what he believes in Baba would be extremely proud of what his son has turned out to be, Amir, would be happy to know that his “old faithful friend” would be eternally grateful for growing into a man. It doesn’t matter how Amir learned his lessons, the death of his two biggest influencers changed him for the better and that’s all that matters Amir is finally a reliable and trustable man that will stand up for whatever he believes in so long as he is given motivation even if it did take two major death.

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