The Impact of Motivation in The Kite Runner, a Novel by Khaled Hosseini

Motivation is what makes everyone take the actions that they do. the nature of these motivations is what changes the course of action that people will take.

Amir in the book The Kite runner by Khaled Hosseini is a character that shows how the nature of these motivations dictate the course of action people Will take. the way that he acts and what he does are all determined by what the nature of the motivations he has is. This is indicative of how reality works as what the motivation comes from and what the motivation is for changes the course of action that people will take. As a child his motivation to achieve his life goals is what makes him act more self centered and take actions that he at the time thought were the best way to achieve what he wants.Then when the nature of motivation is regret is causes him to act totally different to how he did before, he pushes away his best friend and makes decisions that he never would normally make.

Finally it is this same regret which again causes him to act different than his character usually would and take actions that contradict With his beliefs and values. The nature of motivations is what causes people to act, whether it is something they normally would do or is something totally uncharacteristic of them. The motivation to achieve his goal of Baba’s affection is what makes him act like the child he was, his constant wanting of praise and affection is what made him act the way that he did.

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This shows in the quote “we’d had afleeting good moment- It wasn‘t often Baba talked to me and I’d been a fool to waste it” as he cherishes every moment that he gets to have with Baba. The Kites are so important to him because of this as they are the only connection that really existed between Baba and Amir‘s world, othenNise they were completely separate beings.

The symbolic kites are the connection between Amirs and Baba’s world as they were the one thing they could bond over. he acted to impress Baba which is why he places so much importance on winning the kite tournament. Amir does not tell anyone about what happened to Hassan as he starts to see Hassan as the lamb he must slaughter to win over Baba, he sees him as competition for Baba love. His action of pushing away Hassan and trying to get him to leave is uncharacteristic of him and is caused by his motivation being created from regret, his regret for not standing up Hassan makes him assoaate feelings of failure with Hassan and makes him want to push him away. He goes from his best friend to competition and also a constant reminder of how Amir wasn’t strong enough to help someone he considered his own brother. This motivation coming from regret also is responsible for him accepting the infertility that he and Soraya have, he wants to be punished in some way because he feels that nothing has been done to him. He totally accepts it perfectly fine.

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