The Journey of Amir in The Kite Runner, a Book by Khaled Hosseini

In the book, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini The book traces the narrator Amir whose childhood is shown throughout the book and the mistakes made throughout. The book starts off in 2001 with Amir getting a phone call from Rahim Khan. He soon flips to his childhood and his memories from when he was in Afghanistan. He is reminded of his childhood friend Hassan his servant. He also mentions the winter of 1975 a memory of an incident that happened to Hassan.

What happen was he was rapped but Assef a neighborhood bully. This started to dissolve the bond between Hassan and Amir by Amir avoiding Hassan so he wouldn’t feel guilty. This leads to Hassan ending up leaving Baba’s house and moving away from them. He was accused of theft even though Baba forgave him, him and Ali left. Soon after a war breaks out in Afghanistan and Amir and Baba leave to go to America. In America Amir graduates high school, picks a major in college in writing, and he gets married.

Throughout this time Baba’s health lessens and he ends up getting diagnosed with cancer that is irreversible A few years later Amir got a call from Rahim Khan, he wants to see him before he passed away. When he arrives Rahm Khan explains to him what happened to him since they lefti What happened was he was unable to take care of Baba’s home so he went to find Hassan, He found Hassan was married and Ali had died a few years before.

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After hearing about Baba’s death Hassan leaves with Rahim Khan to take care of the house. He lives there for a while his mother returns but soon dies, and after having a stillborn Hassan has a son he names Sohrab. Amir soon finds out that Hassan and his wife were killed but his son was still alive. Rahim khan tells him that as his last wish he should get Sohrab and bring him to a nice home. He also reveals that he and Hassan are half brothers they share the same father Baba the causes Amir to get up and leave but he soon returns to accept Rahim Khan’s offer. He ventures to the orphanage with Farid his guide to find that Sohrab was taken by a member of the talibant He tracks down the member and discovers it was Assef, he and Arnir brawl over Sohrab. What happens in Sohrab ends up saving Arnir by shooting a slingshot and hitting Assef’s eyes They leave and this leaves Amir hospitalized for a few weeks. He soon leaves to go through the process of adopting Sohrab. He is successful but with many problems along the way, The book ends with him and Sohrab flying a kite together.Throughout The Kite Runner the theme of redemption is sown throughout such as in the chance he had to save Hassan, also the chance to reunite with him, the chance and the chance to adopt Sohrab. To begin with the chance to save Hassan from assef was one of the first points of redemption that Arnir had.

In the Alleyway scene Amir had a chance to save Hassan from the inevitable but he didn’t He had thrown away to chance to save one of the most important people in life for recognition from his father. Even though he had multiple opportunities he didn’t take them the other chances he had were standing up for him in smaller cases, As shown in the passage, “I ran because I was a coward. I was afraid ofAssef and what he would do to me”(77, Hosseini) This line is important because it shows that Arnir is not willing to give up his all to Hassan. Even though many times before Hassan was willing to give up all that he could to help Amir and whatever he desired This was his first chance to redeem himself for all the times that Hassan had to stand up for him, While Amir had the chance to save Hassan in a moment of panic he decided to leave behind the trouble of helping With this act of leaving Amir causes a lifelong regret of not being able to help Hassan. He “had on last chance to make a decision, One final opportunity to decide who I was going to be”.

He did not use this opportunity to his advantage instead he decided it was too much for him and ran But if you reverse the situation Hassan would have immediately reacted and rescued Amir. But, “He was just a Hazara, wasn’t he?”(77). This line shows Amir’s development of denial of the situation at the beginning. He tries to just avoid the subject and Hassan. But this act further pushes him in a direction where he will need to do a lot in the future to help mend the past. Secondly, the chance that Amir had to reunite with Hassan was one of his last chances the Pomegranate scene was also an important one. The pomegranate scene was one of his last chances to reunite with Hassan. He could of made up with Hassan but instead he wanted Hassan to take his anger out on him. He wanted this to lift his guilty conscience as shown in “I wished he would give me the punishment that l craved, so maybe I could sleep at night, Maybe then things would return to how they used to be between us”. This scene is Amir attempting to get redemption by getting even with Hassan, He had gone on a stroll with Hassan to a pomegranate tree where they used to play. It is a special place to them, it is a key symbol of their relationship. What he believes is that is he is punished then he would feel as if they we even. Of course that did not happen since Hassan would never harm Amir even in a time as tense as that.

From this Amir does not feel like he can return to a normal stance with Hassan. What Hassan ends up doing is crushing a pomegranate to his head then running away from Amir. At this point in time Amir had a great chance to make up with Hassan and ask him to forgive him for not helping him out in a time of need. Lastly, the chance that Amir had to adopt Sohrab and fulfil his duties to Hassan was his final chance at redemption. This was Amirs last chance to make up for some of how wrongs he did to Hassan. After taking in Sohrab he had a chance to end the cycle “there is a way to be good again”(2). This chance at redemption is given to Amir by Rahim Khan, an old friend of Babas. He wanted Amir to come back to afghanistan to visit him before he passed away or got too sick, This message intrigues Amir and makes him wonder what this way to be good again was and if Rahim Khan knew about the winter of 1975, When he goes to Afghanistan to hear what Rahim has to say at first he declines this answer but he then accepts it. The passage that is shown on is “I don’t want to go to Kabul I can’t“, Kabul is a dangerous place, you know that, and you’d gave me risk everything for…” (220-221), These lines were Amir declining going to Kabul to get Sohrabr Even though he knew it would be for Hassans sake, he still tries to get out of it In a way Amir still really shows the privilege he had as a child. He seems very childish and cowardly the same way he was as a child He had a chance to redeem himself for both Rahim Khan and for Hassan but at first he declined.

He reflects on what happens and finds that “A way to end the cycle With a little boy An Orphan. Hassan’s Sonr Somewhere in Kabult” Finally he decided to get started on his track to redemption its a slow and bumpy one but eventually Amir decides to leave for it. When he ends up finding Sohrab he is still saved by him, it was the same for Hassan but this time it was slightly different This time Amir had fought for the sake of both Hassan and Sohrab. This action was quite the redeeming one, he was able to win back some of what he had lost, He closes the cycle by flying a kite and getting closer to Sohrab, this is him promising the freedom and free will that he needs. The redemption that Amir racked up a long the way of his journey was not enough to fulfill all he needed but it was enough to settle a few things. All in all, I hoped to convey that the theme of redemption was shown many times throughout the book. the theme of redemption was important to other characters, such as Rahim Khan, He had Given Amir the chance to redeem himself or a chance to be good again, The idea of redemption is important to most people since it gives them a chance to make up for their flaws, Such as with Arnir even though his actions did make up for most of the things it can never really fix the past. For the most part Amir got his redemption and a close to his childhood even though he can probably never get rid of the past.

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