The Obligation of My Kin Group Is to Render Weddings and Divorces

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My kinship group consists of my parents, two older sisters, as well as both of my parent’s parents, and cousins. Therefore, it is about 3 blood-related families in total including my family. The obligations I believe my kinship group has for the members are providing financial support when in crisis, attending a funeral, attending weddings, celebrate important cultural dates, and give each other transportation when needed.

I agree that that people tend to marry people like themselves; however, I am not certain as each people’s reasons for loving and then marrying the partner may be different.

However, I believe people who share the same values and beliefs is certainly something that can determine if the person will be a potential lifelong partner. If one values and prioritizes creating a family more than furthering education or professional occupation, the life decisions that may affect their lives on a large scale can create conflict.

Also having a similar or even the same financial goal in mind is something that people look in a partner.

Also, I think people who believe education is crucial and is highly educated themselves are likely to look for it in their partners. With all being said, I agree that people choose to marry others who hold similar values and priorities. I am not sure if the trend is changing in modern society and I have seen couples who are similar to each other and couples who are polar opposites of each other marry. However, the trend may be changing because I think older couples seems to be more similar in terms of personalities but the younger couples who married may seem more different from each other.

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Although I believe all of the functions families provide is very important, I believe affection is the most important role. This is because family is the first agent whom children interact and receive affection. Even if they provided protection as well as birthed and taught me, without love and affection, they will seem more like kind acquaintances rather than a family. Even if friends or peer groups can fill this function, I believe the love we receive from our families are completely different and special.

I believe divorce has increased in the last fifty years because people have an unrealistic image of marriage as factors like movies and the increased usage of social media can fabricate the most perfect marriage and weddings. With this, people may rush marriage when each of them is not fully ready or even mature enough. They may not even agree upon important and significant standpoints before marriage which may be brought after and create conflict. The factor like increased divorce also created a culture of divorces being somewhat of a norm which again encourages it when things start to become rough. Also, increased opportunities and less financial dependence influenced people’s perspective on marriage and divorce. I think people think about divorce differently today. Divorce is less risky from a financial standpoint and people face less social stigmas. From my viewpoint, marriage still remains a largely celebrated, special day.

My family arrangement is very traditional, consisting both of my parents and minor children. Currently, my parents and I are living together; however, since my sisters are not a minor, this is still considered a nuclear family arrangement. The family variation I believe my family falls into is a nuclear family. This is because unlike extended family, my family does not live with any other relatives such as grandparents although my relatives’ families in Japan are mostly arranged as extended. Unlike single parent or stepfamily arrangement, I am blessed to say that I am living with both of my parents.

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