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Elizabethan Weddings Paper

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Elizabethan weddings were a business arrangement, based mainly on strengthening social position. Many of the wedding customs used now originated during the Elizabethan period. In Elizabethan times a woman, if at all, had very little say in whom she was married to. Often the bride and groom would not meet until their wedding day. Elizabethan weddings were almost opposite compared to now. Elizabethan weddings were mainly used to strengthen social position. They were generally a business and brides did not get to choose who they were married to.

They are quite different compared to now and were not at all based on love or having a family. Weddings were also used to increase farm size. Their weddings were quite remarkable. Many now used customs originated in the Elizabethan period. Elizabethan weddings also used some customs that are not used now. For example, dowries were to be given to the husband. A dowry could be anything from property to money to cattle. The woman to be married became property of the man. The woman had very little say in who she was married to. It was often common to meet the new partner for the first time on the wedding day.

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Although it is a feature of Elizabethan weddings it tended to happen more of children from the nobility and upper classes. If they were lucky, a small painted picture would be sent over for approval. If they didn’t approve I am sure they would still have to be married to them anyway. So in conclusion weddings differ over time. Wedding still are also very solemn events at the church. We also have bachelor parties and bridal showers similar to how they did. A wedding was viewed as the most important day in your life. Elizabethan times were similar yet very different because of the customs.

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