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The howling wind sends chills up her ragged dress. Dirt and tears are smeared all over the woman’s face. In the reign of Queen Elizabeth I,peasant women were considered the lowest persons in the Elizabethan society. The impoverished women in the skirts of the town suffered. Women became servants for the nobles that owned manors. Many of them meander among the streets of England. Meager women were looked down upon by all public, including ladies who were royalty. They had a troublesome time trying to live in Elizabethan England.

The poverty-stricken women in the Elizabethan Era were treated the worst. Women would have nowhere to turn or anyone to seek. In the Renaissance time period, they had the most difficult life. Women were the most miserable citizens in this era because of their hardships as servants, wanderers, and unmarried commoners.

Poor Elizabethan women had the roughest lives because of servant hood. Most Elizabethans were laborers or servants “Majority of Elizabethans had little to do with country life, and much to do with working hard to earn a meager living”(Ed and Stock 181).

A servant’s life was brutal. They would get scolded, punished and put to harsh labor. Daily work would include of cleaning every room in the manor, care for the livestock and work in the fields.However, it was even harder for women because most would not get picked to even become one. Poor women would be “lucky” if they were picked out of a crowd to be nobility’s servant.

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Impoverished women were thin and skinny. The nobles often wanted an able bodied man or child. More than one-fourth of Elizabethan citizens were below commoners “25 percent of the population may have been servants at the given time” (Weatherly 28). Women had a slimmer chance of being picked to work in a household. Poor women could not work for food or shelter because of their weak bodies. Ladies of the Elizabethan Era had a grim life. Servant life was a harsh …

Women In Elizabethan Era

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Elizabethan Peasant
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