Elizabethan Theatre Essay

The Elizabethan Theater opened up the world of writing with great writers like William Shakespeare and gave them a better chance in the world by giving them high class jobs, while still letting everyone, upper or lower class, come and enjoy the play. During this time period, there were two types of theatrical performances that were available for the people’s viewing, comedies or tragedies. These two genres w ere never really intertwined until the time of William Shakespeare.

They were often called Tara comedies which, “Usually have improbable and complex plots; characters of high social class; c entrants between villainy and virtue; love of different kinds at their centre; a hero who is saved a t the last minute after a touching go experience; surprises and treachery.

” (“No Sweat Shapes rare”) The Merchant of Venice can be seen as a tragicomedy. It has a comic structure but one of the central characters, Shylock, looks very much like a tragic character.

The play has a co med ending with the lovers pairing off but we are left with taste in the mouth of the ordeal of S hollyhock, destroyed by a combination of his own faults and the persecution of the lovers who ere y that happy ending. The feeling at the end of the play is neither joy nor misery. “The plan) as a decidedly comic structure but there is also a powerful tragic story. It can therefore be Lied a Sweat Shakespeare”) It opened the world of literature to whole new genre.

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It was also during Shakespearean time that writers were finally acknowledge by the people.

What Was Elizabethan Theatre Like

Before this time, writers were not considered upperclassmen. Shasta pear was not the only famous playwright. ” Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Decker, John Fletcher and Francis Beaumont. Had Marlowe not been stabbed in a tavern brawl,” says Anthony urges, “he might have rivaled Shakespeare himself for his poetic gifts. “(“Wisped”) Writers v re given a bigger chance in the world which gave more opportunities for them to expo. S themselves through writing. Actors were another group of people rising into a higher social because of theater.

As expressed by Shakespeare’ Globe, “The life of an actor changed aromatically during Shakespearean lifetime. At first actors toured in companies, traveling the cool try to perform in towns and cities and in private homes. By the time Shakespeare died, London( had several armament theatres where the actors performed, drawing in huge audience ” (“Shakespearean Globe”) Actresses were not present in plays at this time because women we not allowed on stage. It was considered unladylike to be a female actor.

Men played all the arts. The theater finally got the recognition it deserved. The theaters that the plays were performed in were open to the public hi( encouraged all people to come and watch. The theaters the plays were performed in we great for people who sat in the back because the stage was lit well. “The theaters that actors reformed in were flosses so that the sun could be used as lighting. Theatrical shows were he in the afternoon because it provided the best amount of light for the show. (“Play Shakeups e”) When the people gathered into the theater, the different classes Of people were separate De by where they could afford to sit and watch the show. The lower clansmen were situated on t he bare earth where it was dirty and smelly because it was never cleaned. The owners’ of the theta errs found it less expensive if they did not keep high maintenance of their establishments. High ere clansmen sat ender a roof and for a penny more, they could buy cushions for their seats.

T here was tons of space too, “By 1600 London theatres, like the Globe, could take up to 3000 pee people for the most popular plays “(“Shakespearean Globe”) Everyone could see the plays from the peasants, knob less, to even king and queens if they wished. A time when the foundation of the entertainment industry built, Elizabethan t heater progressed from the Elizabethan Era. Writers and actors both rose into higher society. Writers Were acknowledged for their works and actors for their ability to entertain.

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