Transcom Bd Group Case Analysis and Report

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Chapter- 1 (introduction) TRANSCOM TRANSCOM TRANSCOM 1. 1: Company overview: Overview: On the basis of an exclusive Franchise for Bangladesh from Pepsico USA, TBL acquired threemodern bottling plants at Dhaka, Chittagong and Bogra from BBIL, Dhaka; EBIL, Chittagongand NBIL, Bogra; in March 2000. TBL manufactures the famous Pepsi range of beverages-Pepsi, 7up, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Lemon, Slice and Soda. As a corporate citizen Pepsicobelieves it has a responsibility to contribute to the quality of life in our communities.

TBL hasput into action this philosophy through support of social agencies, projects and programs and thescope of this support is extensive and it has not been difficult to blend with this philosophy sincethe TRANSCOM group also followed such a corporate ideology. 1. 2 Objective of the study: Broad objective: Marketing Mix(4 p¶s) Analysis and Competitors Evaluation? Specific objectives:
• To find the business portfolio of Transcom Food & Beverage ltd.

• To know the marketing strategy of Transcom Food & Beverage ltd.
• To find the pricing Transcom Food & Beverage products.
• To find the Transcom Food & Beverage ltd. ommunication system.
• To find the product of  Transcom Food & Beverage in  last year
• To find the last year product performance of  Transcom Food & Beverage ltd. 1. 3 Limitations of the study: In every research many work there is some limitations that the researcher faces while preparingdifferent activities. In the process of the research work, we also faced certain limitations thathampered the actual findings and analysis of our research work.

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Some of these notablelimitations can be identified are: The topic is mainly focused on product marketing strategy of Transcom Food &Beverage Ltd. Transcom is a group of company.

Transcom Group Bangladesh

But here we emphasizing on  TranscomFood & Beverage Ltd. So it seems to us as a limitation of the study. They are very busy with their regular task. So, it becomes quite difficult for them to givetime to the outsiders. And also there are some rules and regulations so that we cannotenter to the head office. So, that we have to talk with their company officers,staffs,employes . That was a big limitation for us. We got only 2-3 weeks to prepare this report. This could be a limitation of this study. We had faced electricity problem which consumed our lot of time. It was a big limitation for us. Chapter -2

Research Methodology 2. 1: Sampling Plan: Sampling Procedure: The sampling procedure has been conducted on thedeliberate sampling method has used where the respondents and the interviewees. Sampling Unit: In order to carry out the research work, the study was focused ontaking the interviews of the personnel involved in the Transcom Food & beverage ltd. 1. Number of respondents: 20 2. Age range: 20-40 3. Occupation: Student, housewife, service holder 4. Economic status: Higher, middle class, lower class. 5. Geographic location: Dhaka and outside dhaka. 2. 2 Data Collection Techniques: Questionnaire:

Unstructured and open-ended questionnaires (please see appendix) were asked to the differentpeople of different areas of Bangladesh to find whether they are satisfied with Products of Transcom Food & Beverage ltd or not. Observations: When we visited the Gulshan office of  Transcom Beverage that time we used our ownobservations to collect certain pieces of information about their product marketing strategy, newproduct performance as well as coming product of  Transcom food & Beverage ltd. Secondary Information: Secondary information has collected by reviewing websites and some articles printed time totime and other relevant documents. . 3: Sources of Data Collection: Primary: The primary information is gathered through informal interviews of the  employees working over there under  Transcom Food & Beverage. Secondary: Secondary sources had also used to collect information. Secondary sources include:
• Different articles, index of Transcom Food &  Beverage ltd.
• Visiting website of Transcom Company.
• Physical visiting to Transcom Beverage factory.
• Other sources Chapter -3 Finding and analysis (part-1) 3. 1 Business Portfolio of Transcom Beverage: Beverage Items: 1. Pepsi 2. Diet Pepsi 3. Pepsi Blue 4. Pepsi Light 5. 7Up 6. Up ice 7. Mountain Dew 8. Slice 9. Mirinda 10. Mirinda Orange Food Items:
• Pizza Hut
• K FC 3. 2: The marketing strategies: Transcom Beverage is one of the leadind soft drinks proveder. Their solutions strategy leveragesone of our greatest assets – a portfolio of outstanding quality. differentiate these solutionsofferings based on our in-depth consumer understanding, with a strong focus on social location. 3. 2. (1): Packaging and Branding: Packaging: Packaging involves designing and producing the container or wrapper for aproduct . Packaging plays a part in delivering beverages to customers safely.

In all of  the production facilities, they minimize packaging waste from the supplies they receive,and they strive to reuse, recycle, or recover as much as possible of their waste. however, Blow-molding is a manufacturing process used in the plastics and polymers industries to create hollowbut strong containers for their clients. Polyethylene Terephthalate (P. E. T. ) bottles aremanufactured using the blow-molding process. Currently, we are constructing a blow-moldingproduction line at the Raleigh production facility. By implementing the blow-molding process,we will eliminate the ordering, shipping lizing of pre-madeP.

E. T. bottles. Branding: 7 Up is a brand of a lemon-lime flavored non-caffeinated soft drink . The rights tothe brand are held by Dr Pepper Snapple Group in the United States, and PepsiCo (or itslicensees) in the rest of the world, including Puerto Rico, where the concentrate is manufacturedat the Pepsi facility in Cidra. The7 Uplogo includes a red spot between the ‘7’ and ‘Up’; this redspot has been animated and used as a mascot for the brand as Cool Spot. KFC is under the Yum! Brand name. Yum! also owns Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, LongJohn Silvers and A&W, with more than 35,000 restaurants around the world.

Product positioning: A product can be positioned in the minds of the customer by 1. Maintaining proper attributes 2. Offering desired benefits 3. Using strong beliefs and values. 4. Continues communication Pepsi has always been brand that embodies the most prevalent youth sentiment. Over the years as youth has evolved, so have Pepsi’s positioning and language. It has, however, consistentlystood for what the youth stands for ± right from µYeh Dil Maange More¶ to µYeh HaiYoungistaan Meri Jaan¶. Brand positioning of 7. up: “The brand¶s proposition of ? Ekdum Asli Indian? Absolutely RealIndian) was brought alive on outdoors in some very interesting ways. ” KFC : A regional credit union that had an image that was outdated and did not reflect their positioning . Their unique selling position was one to one relatiomship with their customer whowere mostly working class individual. They also handeled all of their marketing and advertising 3. 2. (2): Pricing of Transcom food and beverage Products: Transcom food item price( pizza hut kfc ) Product name  Mrp KFC( special Burger) 180. 00 + vat KFC(regular) 120. 00 + vat KFC(Bucket) 850 + vat KFC(French fry) 95 + vat KFC( Soft Drinks) 20. 00 + vat

Pizza Hut(6 inc pizza) 280. 00 + vat Pizza Hut(12 inc pizza) 520. 00 + vat Pizza Hut(18 inc pizza) 950. 00 + vat Pizza Hut(burger) 150. 00 + vat Pizza Hut(shorma) 95. 00 + vat Transcom beverage item price(soft drinks) Product Name MRP Pepsi (250 ml) 12. 00tk Pepsi (500 ml) 28. 00tk Pepsi (1 liter) 50. 00tk 7Up(250 ml) 12. 00tk 7Up(500 ml) 28. 00tk 7Up(1 liter) 50. 00tk MountainDew(250ml) 12. 00tk MountainDew(500ml) 28. 00tk Mountain Dew(1liter) 50. 00tk Slice (250ml) 15. 00tk Mirinda(250 ml) 12. 00tk Mirinda(500 ml) 28. 00tk

Mirinda( 1 liter) 50. 00tk 3. 2. (3): Transcom food and beverage communication process Television: The TV commercial generally considered the most important media. For thisreason,when  Transcom Beverage launch a new product they first make a meaningful advertise,because TVadvertisment catch the eyes of customer very rapidly. People are encouraged bythe new tv advertisment. Internet: Nokia also use the internet and World Wide Web for their worldwide communicationprocess. Their ads include contextual ads that appear on search engine results pages. Event Sponsor:  Every year Transcom Beverage  sponsor various types of program.

By doing this they getpublicity indirectly. For Example sometimes pepsi arrange football and Criket match. They also arrange Cultural function, concert etc. Press Advertising: Press advertising describes advertising in a print medium such as newspaper, magazineand journal. Transcom food and beverage print their ads by press medium. Billboard:This is one of the popular medium in communication process. Its cost is less than tvcommercials. If anyone miss the TVads or press advertising hopefully they will  not missthe billboard ads. We can easily see a Transcom food and beverage(Pepsi,Pizzahut,KFC)billboard at prominent area in Bangladesh.

Transcom food and beverage use 3 types of billboard such as, Fixed, Moving and Neon Sign. Chapter-5 Conclusion Transcom food and beverage is well known franchise group in Bangladesh. Day by day it isincreasing its market segmentations. Transcom Foods Ltd Executive Director Akku Chowdhuryreceived the CEO’s Award for KFC and Running Great Restaurants Pizza Hut award from Yum! Indian Subcontinent in Delhi at the franchisee awards show recently. This however was not the first award that Transcom Foods Ltd has been honoured with. Therestaurants in Dhaka have been awarded twice before for being the best in the region.

This recent accomplishment certainly asserts the standard of these international franchisees inBangladesh and their continued commitment to the customers. These early industrial ventureshave moved over to businesses involved in high-tech manufacturing, international trading anddistribution, forming strong ties with a host of blue chip multinational companies. In recent yearsTranscom has emerged as an increasingly significant media house in Bangladesh. If transcomfollow our suggestions which we think is appropriate for them so they can improve more fromtheir current position.

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