Collaboration Involving More Than One Person and Group Work

Discuss what collaboration is, but do not confine yourselves to that discussion. Consider your own experience working in collaborative teams and research to identify other ideas about collaboration.

Collaboration is known as a process of producing the the work with more than one person and work as a group.

As in today this is very important in workplaces and could also be seen when you play sports. For instance when you play sports you need to work as a team to overcome the team and win as a group. There are different kind of skills for collaboration as in giving and receiving feedback from your peers or other team members in order to complete the task. And also a big one which is giving credit for good ideas with others.

What characteristics make for an effective team member? What skills or feedback techniques would you need? What conclusions can you, reach as a team about feedback?

There are different kind of characteristics for an effective team member as in allowing everyone in decision making process, considering ideas and suggestion from others and also understanding the group process quickly.

Some of the skills you will see would be increasing time management and it also leads the team to success. Some techniques could be collecting feedback from the customers and the feedback has to be a trusted source or from a loyal customer. From the feedback you getting from other people this can increase the quality in products and can help you change something to make it easier and better.

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What would you do with an ineffective team member? First, define an ineffective team member. Specify five or so characteristics of an ineffective team member. If your group has such a member, what action do you, as a group, believe should be taken?

I do not believe in ineffective members, but when there’s ineffective members its due to the fact that they were plain lazy, they weren’t fair when it came to decision making, bad communication skills like not responding to emails, bad attitude is probably one of the worst characteristics to have in a group, and last is one who isn’t honest. And as a group you all have to come together and be straightforward with the ineffective team member.

How do you know if you are collaborating well? When working with a group, how do you know whether you are working well or poorly? Specify five or so characteristics that indicate collaborative success. How can you measure those characteristics?

In order to make sure you’re doing a good job and helping your team out is to ask questions. Let them know you are there and always willing to help. Always be listening to what you’re told. Stay out of the shadows and be active, be flexible when you’re told to do something and show them you’re committed.

Briefly describe the components of your new collaboration IS.

Well firstly I checked my blackboard early this week to see Sundays assignment and noticed it was a group work and saw who my team members were to get familiar with them. Teamwork was the key to this assignment and everyone had to know their part to complete their end. We tried to make it as easy as possible to complete this assignment that way it’s easy to understand. Also used google docs because it’s the easiest application to edit and add stuff on the same paper.

Describe what your team likes and does not like about using your new collaboration system.

Well I don’t have a team but it’s simple and straightforward. There’s no kinds of complications and its easy to understand along with examples such as sports and teamwork. Since I don’t have a team I’m sure there would be nothing that isn’t liked about this assignment as long as it’s turned in before the due date.

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