The Mysterious Tragedy of the Malaysian Flight 370

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It’s been five years, and still, researchers have yet to find out the truth about how this tragic event happened. Malaysian flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 12:44 am, carrying a total of 239 people, and crashes mysteriously with no answers and barely any evidence. Malaysia flight 370 had crashed and Malaysia has been suffering from how the plane went down, many people believe that the plane was hijacked but many others think that the pilot had committed suicide.

The Malaysian flight disappeared in thin air.

This plane was heading north to Beijing China from Malaysia. Nearly an hour into the flight the plane was heading in its correct course until one of the pilots casts onto the air traffickers radio saying, “ Good night, Malaysia three seven zero,” at the time the plane was still heading towards its correct location. But at 1:21 am the plane’s transporter stops signaling in. And between 1:21 and 1:28 am the plane had switched its course, making a sharp turn left.

And at 2:15 am the plane was located moving west, traveling back around Malaysia, then eventually the plane crashes somewhere in the Indian ocean (“Mapping MH370”, 2016).

The conspiracy of pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah is the biggest conspiracy to hit the papers. According to Woolston, 53-year-old Zaharie was accused of suicide and a premeditated act of mass murder, researches are bound to think that Zaharie depressurized the plane after he radioed out over the radio, “good night three seven zero,” and everyone who had not been wearing an oxygen mask was knocked out, but since there was no evidence to be found reachers have no way of telling if the plane was depressurized.

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Researchers of this search also like to think that Zaharie was dealing with tons of emotional stress and serious marriage problems. But he failed to let others know. They’re bound to think that the plane’s mysterious turn left, traveling back around Malaysia, was Zaharie taking his final few seconds of life looking back at all his memories and his hometown.

Flight 370 was hijacked? The Malaysian flight was supposed to be hijacked due to a current protest against the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of Malaysia (“MH370”). Zaharie had already radioed in one time before his last call about two men who had been caught with phony passports, but at the time they had realized it they were too late and couldn’t just drop out of the air to escort them off the plane and to a courtroom. After Zaharie called in for the last time they heard the two pilots talk very nervously as if someone had been holding a gun to their heads. Then at the very end of the radio signal, they heard one of the crew workers screaming as if she was terrified, then the radio was silent and the connection was lost for good.

Malaysia flight 370 was a terrible incident that left many people hurt and confused, and it has taken people way too long to solve this conspiracy. These families and friends deserve to know how the plane went down. Had Zaharie wanted to commit suicide and mass murder or had these men with fake passports wanted to get back at the Malaysian government by hijacking this plane? Could they have stopped it from happening before it did?

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