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Flight: Movie Analysis Paper

Essay Topic:

However, he was saved 96 lives in the plane and become as an American hero, but he still need accept the investigation into the cause of the plane accident. In the story, the character of Whip Whitaker is an alcoholic, drug user, incorrigible fellow and always like to sniffing cocaine. In the first scene of the story, Whip Whitaker was awake In a hotel room with a naked flight attendant, Katherine Marquee after spent the night of sex, drinking, sniffing cocaine and only had a little of sleep. On the next morning, he boards the flight to Atlanta, he was faced the turbulence at the take off.

After that, he was drinking the orange Juice with vodka mixes and takes a nap while the copilot Ken Evans flies the airplane. Suddenly, Whip Whitaker awake because the plane has a mechanical problem. He tried to fix it but at last the plane still crashed in an empty field. In the end, he was save 96 lives on board and four passengers, two crew members were died included Katherine Marquee. In Atlanta hospital, Whip was awakens with slight injuries. The first people came to visit him is Charlie Anderson who is his old friend and told him that he was become a genuine American hero.

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In the hospital, Whip Whitaker met Nicole who also Is a drug user. She Just recovering from an overdose of drug and Whip promised to visit her after discharge from the hospital. In the next morning, Whip’s friend, Harding Mays came to pick him up away from the hospital who Is a drug dealer. After he went back his late fathers farm, Whip met Charlie and lawyer Hugh Lang, they explained that the NTIS (National Transport Safety Board) already had the test report and the result can send Whip to prison on manslaughter charges, drug, and alcohol. Whip was angry and left when he heard about that.

Whip started to find Nicole and they start a new romantic relationship. Due to Whip keeps drinking and incorrigible, Nicole made a decision to leave Whip. Before the upcoming hearing of NTIS, Whip decided to stay with Charlie and Hugh swear would not drink anymore. The night before upcoming hearing, Whip found a mini bar full of alcohol and he started to drink all of them. In the next morning, Charlie and Hugh saw him drunk and fainted In the bathroom. Due to they worry that Whip cannot attend the hearing, Charlie and Hugh call Harding bring some cocaine to wake him up for the hearing.

At the end of the hearing, Whip admits that he was drink the two bottle of alcohol in the plane. In ten Haling movie, tenure are Involved many tentacle Issues, sun as, alcoholism, sexual life, and drug. Therefore, this movie is not suitable for children to watch. The beginning of the movie, we can see that Whip was indulging a night of sex with flight attendant. Before he had a flight, Whip was drinking some alcohol and snorting some cocaine. It is because he was not enough to sleep and he wants to make himself more alert. An overdose of drug or alcohol can make a person feel very glad and everything he or she do is cannot control by himself.

Drug abuse and addiction can affect the health of the people. Besides that, the drug abuse and addiction also involve in many consequences, such as, emotional problem, behavioral problem, risky sex, learning problem, diseases, car accidents, and brain damage. There are many reasons for a people to take the drug or alcohol, for example, to escape or relax, to seem grown up, to rebel, to experiment, and to fit in. In the story of the Flight, we can see that Nicole is stress because she does not have money. Therefore, she takes the cocaine to release her stress and escape the reality.

The drug seller also warning that if the drug is heavy, cannot overdose it. So that, we can know that if overdose those drugs, it will come with seriously consequences, even death. According the ethical issues, Whip, Nicole and the drug seller are doing the illegal things and their moral are wrong. In the hospital, Whip also met a third patient, a guy with cancer, shows up, and the discussion turns to God, and the belief that nothing in life comes by hazard, by chance. There is a grand design, even if it includes plane crashes and cancer. Although Whip Whitaker was saved 96 lives in the plane and become as an accident.

Due to the investigation he feel very stress, therefore the day and night he keep drink alcohol. Besides that, in the story Whip Whitaker also is an alcoholism fellow. In the beginning, he tried to throw away all of the alcohol in his house, this is the good moral act he did. But at last he still cannot control his soul of alcoholism, he continue drink day and night again. When he met Nicole, he Just found that she already quit the snorting of drug. Furthermore, when the captain Whip Whitaker darted a new romantic relationship with Nicole who also advise Whip go AAA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting.

Nicole understands that what are the disadvantages of the snorting drug and she had a legitimate work. She will choose to leave Whip because he keeps drinking and incorrigible. Even his ex-wife and son also despite him because of his life are mess and the act of alcoholism. In the end of the hearing of the NTIS, captain Whip Whitaker had stop his lies and admit it what wrongs he did. From the morality issues, we can see that Whip Whitaker is a responsible person and did not slander the flight attendants.

Nowadays, different ethic theories we used can offer different approaches into our moral life. There are few ethical theory can apply in the story of Flight which are deontological, utilitarianism, and Justice. Each of these theories is summarized in a universal behavior, deficiencies identified and their relative strength. Furthermore, the theories are consequently combined in such a manner as to offer for thinking about ethics in unified manner and comprehensive; one that references the strengths of each theory, while compensating for their relative inadequacies.

The deontological ethics or demonology which is the normative ethical situation Tanat Judges ten morality AT a EAI Dates on ten ease’s emergence to rules. Besides that, deontological ethics is normally contrasted to consequentiality or pragmatic ethics. Actually deontological ethics is associated with Emmanuel Kant and based on him morality is related absolute rules. Kant disputes that people have to act from duty in the morality right way. Furthermore, Kant also claimed that it was not the outcome of action that make them wrong or right but the motives of the people who ring out the action.

Goodwill also considered by Kant that the only thing is completely good. For example, if a people according on a positive outcome to do a right thing, but if there have bad intention, then for Kant which was immoral. The second of the ethical theory which is utilitarianism and that is related with story of Flight and it is founded on the capability to expect the consequences of an action. In utilitarianism ethical theory that the wrongness or rightness of a behavior is determined by its value in bring about the most happiness of all those affected by it.

There are two kinds of utilitarianism, rule utilitarianism and act utilitarianism. Rule utilitarianism is concerned about the fairness and takes into account the law. Rule utilitarianism seeks to the advantages the most people but through the fairest and most Just mean available. However, act utilitarianism is states that a people perform the acts the acts that advantage the most people, in spite of of society constraints or personal feelings. The third theory of ethical which is Justice, it is a moral rightness concept according to ethics, law, rationality, religion, natural law, fairness, and equity.

These concepts require that actions we took will reflect the comparative conduct of groups or individuals affected by the action. Furthermore, taking into account the inalienable and natural rights of all citizens and human beings, administration of the law, the right of all people and individuals to equal protection before the law of their civil rights, without discrimination on the basis of gender identity, gender, sexual orientation, race, , religion, national origin, age, color, ethnicity, or other characteristics, and is supplementary regarded as being inclusive of social Justice.

According to the demonology ethic theory, from the story of flight we can see that morality of Whip Whitaker was wrong. Demonology ethic is based on the people have to act from duty in the morality right way. From the story, Whip Whitaker is an irresponsible pilot who was drinking the orange Juice with vodka mixes when the flight is board to the Atlanta. Before that, Whip Whitaker was spent the night of sex with his flight attendant, this cause him lack of sleep. He didn’t complete his duty or obligation correctly and as a pilot he always did the illegal action.

Furthermore, according to the utilitarianism ethical theory which is the wrongness or rightness of a behavior is determined by its value in bring about the most happiness of all those affected by it. Whip Whitaker has brought the dangerous to their passengers and bring the happiness to himself. From the story of flight, we can see that Whip Whitaker have to make himself more alert, therefore he was drinking some alcohol and snorting some cocaine. The action or behavior of the Whip Whitaker was bring himself the happiness and in the story he does not realize that he also bring the dangerous to their passengers.

Besides that, the rule utilitarianism is concerned about the fairness and takes into account the law. In the story, from the conversation between Whip Whitaker and Margaret, we know that Whip Whitaker was worry auto ten Investigation AT NIST so Tanat en want Margaret Ill on ten truth I Nils action of Whip Whitaker show that the unfairness of him. According the Justice ethical theory which is a moral rightness concept according to ethics, law, rationality, religion, natural law, fairness, and equity. The action or behavior of Whip Whitaker, he is an alcoholism fellow and always using the drug to achieve his happiness.

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